The 29 Best YouTube Channels For Cars That You Should Subscribe To In 2018 [UPDATED]

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Every car enthusiast is a little different in how they get their news. Some check sites like Car and Driver every morning, while others hit up Jalopnik, any number of subreddits (most commonly r/cars), and forums.  Another great way to get both car new and entertainment is YouTube.  YouTube is home to some of the most in-depth, entertaining car channels on the Internet. Learning about the newest models, tuneups and modifications is as easy as one click of the mouse. Here’s a few of the best automotive YouTubers and car vloggers out there:

The Best Automotive YouTubers

29. Abstract Studios

For car guys, living in a car-centric country like Japan is a dream come true, and that’s exactly the kind of dream that Abstract Studios is living. Sammit, the mind behind this channel, offers a unique perspective as an Australian living in Japan. He is also the owner of Otaku Garage, which has two locations — in Japan and in Australia. If you’re a JDM car fan, this is the channel for you.

As an added bonus, this channel has a ton of information about importing cars both to and from Japan and other countries, so if you’re looking to import a car, check out Abstract Studios.

28. JuiceBoxForYou DotCom

This is one of the newer channels on our list, but it’s a must-see for anyone who likes car restoration. A number of their videos include things like salvaging cars from the worst settings — like an AE86 Trueno that was left in the brush — and returning it to its former glory.

This channel might not have as many videos as some of the other channels, but what they have on the site right now is definitely worth a look.

27. MilanMastracci

DIYer Milan Mastracci is a great source for car videos, especially if you’re a fan of modding your cars.  Most of his videos focus on two primary vehicles — a Mini Cooper that he’s customizing to play with on the track, and an S14 Kouki that’s being customized for drifting.

He’s also got a ton of great DIY videos for things like repairing scratches, painting your interior or even just restoring headlights with some toothpaste and a bit of elbow grease. This is an awesome channel because it is so relatable — it’s a kid toying with his cars, but at the same time, it’s still a fantastic resource for car repair information.

26. Krispy Media

If you just like to look at beautiful cars, this is your channel. This channel is literal car porn — nothing but high definition videos of races, car shows and beautifully edited short films that showcase the pure beauty of these cars. Many of these videos are uploaded in 4k, making them the highest quality currently available, and it is worth the inevitable buffering time — these cars really are beautiful enough to deserve this high-quality video.

There are also some vlogs on this channel that follow the legacy builds Krispy Media has completed, such as a Legacy Wagon that they completed recently.

25. Speed Academy

Building your own racecar doesn’t have to be a big, bank-breaking project. Speed Academy has videos galore to help you build your own ‘everyman’s’ racecar, and each project car has its own playlist.  Whether you’re rebuilding a Nissan or a Porsche, they’ve got plenty of videos for you.

Speed Academy has even focused on some more obscure videos — have you ever wondered how to build a rotary engine? If so, you’re in luck — they’ve got a video for that. There are plenty of DIY videos here to keep you entertained and keep your project going for weeks to come. Speed Academy might not be the best car YouTuber on the net, but they certainly hold their own with their project car videos.

24. Motoring Middle East

We know — sometimes all you’re looking for is car reviews. Motoring Middle East is one of the top car YouTubers and offers some of the most comprehensive car reviews on the net for everything from SUVs to sports cars like a Lotus or a Ferrari. There’s not a lot of fluff here — it’s just straightforward honest reviews to help you get an idea about these cars.

The host, Shahzad, is so passionate about the cars that he reviews that you can’t help but enjoy his videos. This is a small channel at the moment, with barely 8,000 subscribers, but it’s totally worth your time.

23. Monky London

The UK probably isn’t the first place you’d start looking for a well established JDM car scene, but Monky London has got you covered nonetheless — with a bit of cheekiness for good measure. If you enjoy cars and enjoy people bantering about cars, check out this channel.

In addition to car reviews, Monky London has a great variety of builds and rebuilds — enough to keep any JDM fanatic busy for months! If you’re looking to build a drifter in London — or anywhere, really —  Monky is the channel for you.

22. Salt City Euros

Ok, enough about JDM cars for a while. Salt City Euros is a channel that is perfect for anyone who likes to buy and rebuild project cars, but instead of focusing on Japanese or American cars, this channel focuses almost exclusively on European cars.

Currently, the channel is rebuilding a BMW 320i, also known as an E21, and is cataloging the repair and restoration process of this car. It might end up in the junkyard, but for $200, it’s totally worth giving it a try right?

21. Adam LZ

While this isn’t exclusively a car channel, Adam LZ has some terrific car videos that are worth a watch. This Connecticut native is currently living in Orlando, Florida and has spent nearly eight years making videos for YouTube.

Some of his most recent videos include a lot of SEMA footage and some race footage behind the wheel of a Single Turbo 335i. This is a fun little channel that has a ton of variety if you’re looking for something other than just cars.

20. EVO

Are you a supercar fanatic? Dying to find the latest digs on a new Porsche or Ferrari? You should be signed up for EVO by now.

It’s like the European edition of Motor Trend’s channel. The cars are presented in stunning 1080p HD video with some expert camera work to boot. The channel is also well known for its regular segments, not just reviews. This includes the monthly installment “Deadly Rivals,” which pits similar supercars against each other.

19. Fifth Gear

Have you seen every episode of “Top Gear” 10 times already? You can watch its alter ego, Fifth Gear. The series was started after the original “Top Gear” was almost cancelled.

It has most of the craziness you’d expect from the “Top Gear” boys, including an entire section dedicated to crashing and smashing cars. Most of the channel is dedicated to car reviews, though, and uploads on the regular.

The one thing that’s missing is those crazy challenges from “Top Gear,” but this is the next best thing.

18. Seen Through Glass

The greater London area has produced a multitude of car bloggers, some better than others. Seen Through Glass is the personal channel of one Sam David, Jaguar F-Type owner and self-professed driving neophyte. But this channel isn’t about finding out how many Gs a car will pull on the skid pad.

Rather, it’s about the highs of owning and driving some of the most impressive cars on the planet. Sam documents his own adventures as well as those of his friends, which include a number of other affluent car vloggers, so that you and I can enjoy them along with him. Or, just watch and throw shade at his apparent youth and unreasonable spending power. It’s your call.

17. Jalopnik

Jalopnik is already one of the better-known automotive journalism sites on the web, and as of 2016, they’ve got their own YouTube Channel. The team at Jalopnik includes some true creative minds such as Jason Torchinsky, Raphael Orlove and more. Their talent shines through in video just as it does in text.

Jalopnik videos include reviews as only Torch can deliver them, as well as Orlove’s carspotting series, in which the team invites readers to come with them and visit neighborhoods to see what’s around in terms of automotive excellence, or just plain weirdness. It’s everything you’d ever want from a Jalopnik YouTube channel.

16. Car Throttle

A grassroots approach to car reviews and topics of general interest to petrolheads everywhere, Car Throttle puts out a high volume of content that includes everything from comparisons to more obscure topics like the differences between a V6 and Inline 6 engine configuration, or why the second-gen Miata is better than the first.

The easy-to-understand videos car throttle makes are entertaining for veteran wrench hands and those new to cars, and the channel’s host throws in the occasional anecdotal video about his own road-going experiences — for example, a trip to 150 mph in his 20-year old M3.

15. The SuperCarDriver

If you’re the type to easily succumb to jealousy, this might be a channel to avoid. That’s because SCD documents the driving lives of an exclusive club of supercar owners. The channel includes everything from first-person night drives in Lamborghinis to in-depth looks at how modern classics like Ferrari’s 599 GTO are appreciating.

The production quality is top-notch, and because SCD has access to not just a few, but an entire club of people involved in the automotive world, their content runs the gamut of what’s new and exciting in cars today. Just make sure to pat yourself on the back and feel good after watching — we can’t all aspire to this.

14. Donut Media

Sometimes you need a little bit of humor with your car videos, and Donut Media has got you covered in this case. This channel is a font of information, especially if you’re a fan of car history — his Up to Speed videos walk you through the history of some of the most famous cars, from the first time they rolled off the assembly line through their modern incarnations.

Of course, you can’t have humor without car pranks, and Donut Media is filled with them. Keep watching — maybe you’ll find a new idea for your next April Fool’s Day.


Would you subscribe to a YouTube channel from the gang who made “The Grand Tour” and before that, “Top Gear”? DRIVETRIBE is the spinoff channel that takes its name from the social media community for car people that Clarkson, Hammond and May have spawned along with their latest TV production.

The channel seems to be getting on its feet a little slowly — maybe we should blame May for that? Even so, this is a team that hasn’t let us down (mostly) yet, and the addition of skilled pointman Jethro Bovingdon, the automotive world’s most matter-of-fact-sounding journalist with a British accent, only makes it better.

12. Jay Leno’s Garage

Most of you know by now that Jay Leno has an amazing car collection, but have you ever actually taken a gander at the sheer size of his garage? It might as well be a museum.

Leno isn’t an automotive journalist by any means, but he provides some interesting points on each car he covers. This channel is great for staring at rare and beautiful works of art.

11. Eric the Car Guy

This is one of the best YouTube channels to subscribe to if you’re looking for help while repairing your car. Eric’s no nonsense videos can walk you through just about anything. This channel is also full of salvage yard hacks to help you out if you’re heading to the junkyard to find parts for your project car.

Unfortunately, Eric the Car Guy isn’t uploading any new videos to YouTube, but he does have a ton of videos still uploaded to the site, as well as a number uploaded to his premium website.

10. Motor Trend

One of America’s most famous publications, Motor Trend has been around since 1949. It’s still going strong by hosting its own YouTube channel.

It’s understandable that magazines that make the switch to online content often struggle with it. Motor Trend’s content used to be that way, but it’s recently been revamped and is better than ever.

The content runs on a weekly basis, much like a television schedule. Especially popular shows include “Roadkill” and “Head 2 Head.”


If you’re a fan of tuning, mods or just all-out racing, /DRIVE is a great channel to pay attention to. Instead of general reviews, it puts a strict focus on the technical aspects of cars.

One of the best segments is Chris Harris on Cars, which features the automotive journalist giving honest and to-the-point descriptions of the cars he drives.

8. Everyday Driver

How many YouTube channels do you know of that actually produce full-length feature films? Everyday Driver does, in the form of documentaries about cars. They’re good and they’re about topics you’ve always wanted someone to really tear into, like what it’s like driving every generation of Porsche 911 back-to-back-to-back.

Even if you don’t drop the coin to watch the features, though, there’s a ton of content available here on very practical topics. Their car reviews focus on models that are attainable for most of us and they also have a highly enjoyable throwback feature called “Fast Blast” where they take a look at how older models feel to drive in today’s world

7. ChrisFix

If you’ve ever wondered how to fix just about anything on your car, ChrisFix is the channel for you. The videos, with a voiceover by the channel owner, explain in detail how to fix anything from your brakes to your engine and even how to do things like restore your headlights.

It’s not an automotive YouTube channel for modders — it’s a channel for people who want to learn how to repair their car without breaking the bank. He even has videos to help you inspect a used car before you buy it to make sure you’re not getting a junker right off the bat.

6. Mighty Car Mods

If you like modified cars and haven’t experienced Mighty Car Mods, set your next weekend aside for some serious binging. Marty and Moog have been doing their thing making videos since 2008, each one backed by Moog’s own musical creations.

The dynamic duo started their channel doing simple mod videos and the occasional themed challenge, but over the years these two have created an entire universe of hoonage and some of the most creative custom rides you’ll find on the web. Where else are you going to find a battle between two cars named 2Sexy and Wasaabi 9000?

5. Engineering Explained

Here’s a channel that makes the occasional appearance in Road & Track for good reason. These guys really know their stuff when it comes to breaking down the physics behind how cars work and perform. But that doesn’t make this channel a challenge to understand.

The presenters are relatable and they translate the engineerese into understandable English for those of us who don’t have degrees from ivy-league schools.

For example, their video on just how quickly it’s possible for a car to go 0-60 before your soft human body is rendered unfit to drive takes mathematical thinking that would cause headaches for me and presents it in a way that isn’t just fascinating, but entertaining as well.

4. The Smoking Tire

Matt Farah can say whatever he wants about cars, and people will listen. The channel even has nice, neat sections for all the new, fast cars of the world – from American to German to Japanese.

Farah’s is one of the best automotive YouTubers around, and his commentary is second to none. The premise of his One-Takes are simple. He’ll drive a viewer’s car with them in the passenger seat and make comments about it along the way. You name it, he’s driven it.

3. Petrolicious

If you like cars and haven’t discovered Petrolicious by now, just take another hit of whatever euphoric opiate has been keeping you sedate for the past five years and slouch back into blissful ignorance. You may want to start one of their videos first, though. They’re pure and unapologetic.

Mind you, not every piece is for everyone. If you’re someone who doesn’t appreciate JDM hachi-rokus, steer clear of that video.

Petrolicious is what lies at the opposite end of the spectrum from The Smoking Tire. There’s less content and there’s not much info about how the cars actually perform, but the cinematography and the relationships they capture are more than deserving of your ten minutes. These are “art films.”

2. Doug Demuro

If Doug isn’t the most relatable car guy putting out good content on the internet today, I challenge you to show me who is. Demuro got his start as a member of the Jalopnik team but has since launched his own channel and currently writes for Autotrader.

The great thing about Doug’s content is its irreverence. Only here can you watch a video about why the first-generation NSX is worth $125,000 or why the Plymouth Prowler is the weirdest car of the ‘90s. Who else do you know that would buy a used Aston Martin just to see if it breaks?

1. Regular Car Reviews

Sometimes, car reviews can be hard to watch. Car enthusiasts won’t hesitate to just babble on and on about a single feature of a car. Reviews shouldn’t feel like school – and thanks to Regular Car Reviews, they don’t in the slightest.

The guy who runs this channel is basically part fan and part rage-quitter. You never know what you’re going to get when you click on a review – it could be full of giggling or screaming, but it’s always full of absurd humor. Underneath all the comedy, though, he provides some unique commentary on the cars and their place in history.

Honorable Mention: Car Bros

These guys are just amazing. They mock just about anything they can, from Fast and the Furious videos, to Car Vloggers, and everything in between. They don’t have a ton of videos just yet, but whenever they post one, it’s solid gold:

So there you have it! Make sure to subscribe and start watching today.