“Famous Back Seats” is a refreshing take on the best movie cars

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Making a list of the best movie cars is a pretty common thing to do. Heck, I’ve done it for my own blog, and countless of others have as well. The “usuals” are always in there, like Bullitt, Gone in 60 seconds, The Fast and The Furious, Cars, and more recently, Mad Max: Fury Road. And don’t forget my all-time favorite, The Blues Brothers.

So it was nice to see a refreshing take on the “best movie car” theme when GoCompare sent over their definitive ranking of the most famous back seats of all time.

There’s plenty of great stuff in here, from Pulp Fiction’s blood spatter to the steamy window in Titanic. Plus, you gotta love the rocking out in Wayne’s World, which is an all time classic.

So without further ado, here are the most famous back seats of all time:


I did some brainstorming to see if I could come up with any other ones, but it looks like this list is pretty complete! If you have any others, please list them in the comments. Feel free to share as well!