How to Make the Perfect Garage of Your Dreams

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Fact: the human male doesn’t fully realize the concept of self-preservation until the age of 26. Also a fact: ownership of a truck, a sports car, a boat, and the garage/man cave in which they reside is a rung on the ladder of ultimate manliness — a station in life only a select few even aspire to achieve.

But the journey doesn’t stop at color-flaked flooring, no sir. Any grease monkey worth his timing light knows: stock just won’t cut it. You may not be able to bolt a blower on to your garage (or maybe you are…) but we’ve got a few suggestions that would make Tim the Tool Man Taylor green with envy.

Need a Lift?

garage lift

Jack stands are a safety hazard, it’s that simple. If you’re putting some serious muscle into removing a rusted suspension member, what you need is the rock-steady reliability, and safety, of a lift. What job isn’t easier when raising and lowering your project can happen at the push of a button? Hydraulic or electric, take your pick, we’re not here to judge … much.

CNC Milled — by You

Having trouble finding that last little spacer? You know, the one for your resto-mod Triumph Stag that was only produced for three weeks in 1978? Where lesser men fail, you can succeed, with a mill. Your own 5-Axis CNC mill is essential to a garage that’s truly up to the task.

More than Your Average Fridge


You might think you need a fridge in the ultimate garage. Wrong. You want a fridge, but what you need is a kegerator. Let’s face it: there’s no time for solid sustenance when you’re locked in an all-night-long test of endurance to remount your newly machined heads. Beer is the answer. It’s also the answer when the wrenching stops and the garage is on chill-out detail. Be real: you’ve already got room for a sandwich in the indoor fridge, but you haven’t got room for a keg. Do something about it.

Access & Egress


You want your garage to be amazing on the inside and secure on the outside, so you’ll need a good door. Find something high-quality with a finish that matches, or complements your home’s exterior. You also want to let nasty fumes and particulates out, which is where your industrial-strength exhaust hood comes in.

Keep Those Toes Toasty

Heated floors — they’re not just for hallways anymore. What could be better when you’re putting long hours in to finish a project on a cold night? Along with that lift, these just might save your life.

Give ‘er a Re-spray

Screenshot_14The garage isn’t just a place for doing mechanical repairs. And cosmetic work done at home is often hindered by the need to visit a shop when it comes time to put down a few coats. Of course, being in possession of your very own paint booth would effectively solve that problem.

Nothing Says “Victory” Like a Cigar

After many hours of toil (or if you’re just having the guys over), open your custom garage humidor and select from the finest Cuba has to offer.

So there you have it — seven additions that would be right at home in a world-class man cave. Could we go on, of course, but that would take all the fun out of making it your own. Now get out your measuring tape! It’s time to go to work!