In Honor of 50 Years of Hot Wheels, Check Out These Pics of My Son’s Cars

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Hot Wheels turns 50 this year, and to celebrate, I snapped a few photos of my son’s collection.

When I say “collection” I don’t mean thousands of mint-condition cars that are still in the box and never touched. I mean cars that have been played with, loved, fought over, and even earned. Yeah, we’ll bribe our kids with Hot Wheels cars if they can make it through Target without going nuts, so what?

I have no idea how many cars he actually has. There are plenty that aren’t shown here. Some lost, in the couch, at grandma’s, under the bed… who knows. I personally try to steer him towards the “real” cars and not the NINJASHARK2000 style, but he gets them as gifts so I’m not too picky. And besides, they’re his toys, not mine. Some of these aren’t even Hot Wheels, but does he care? Nope.

If you like these, feel free to share. I had fun during the photo shoot and I hope you enjoy.

Hot Wheels Collection

Call 911

BMW surrounded by nonsense

Porsche 911 going for a ride


’17 Nissan GTR

Tesla Model S

McLaren P(ancake)1

Fairlady 2000 

…and again

Renault Sport RS

Hungry Hungry Aston Martin

Dodge Daytona – his favorite. We have 4 of these somewhere

Mazda RX-7

I’m not sure what car this is. Any idea? Hmm…

’08 Dodge Challenger

CashMoney Cadillac


Viper ready to attack

’68 Mustang that the kids fought over for so long we finally got another. Now they don’t care.

Corvette C7

There you have it! If I had more time, I’d do more.

Again, feel free to share!