Just How Many Hubcaps Came Off the Charger in Bullitt?

The rusted Mustang from Bullitt

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One of the best car chase scenes in movie history is found in Bullitt. There are so many hubcaps flying around it’s easy to lose count. This chase scene is ten minutes of exciting twists and turns while viewers wonder – will Lt. Frank Bullitt catch the Dodge Charger he’s chasing?

While you’ve likely seen this iconic car chase, there’s a lot of cool trivia you can learn about it too. For instance, it took two weeks and two separate cars (the “hero” and “stunt” cars) to film this car chase.

A friend of mine just sent me this and it was worth sharing. I had no idea!

Image from BestRide.

I’ll have to watch this car chase more closely next time. Next time you watch Bullitt, see if you can count the hubcaps flying off the Dodge Charger during the car chase. Keep your hand on the remote – you might need to pause and rewind a few times to catch them all!

Featured image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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