Couple Reunited With Original Mustang 50 years Later on Anniversary – Mustang Monday

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Today is a pretty special Mustang Monday.

Tim and Ruth Bredahl were at a restaurant in the Lake Elmo Inn in Minnesota celebrating their 50th anniversary and opening gifts when they got one that stood out. It was a small model car. Not just any model car, the model of their first car, a 1965 Ford Mustang. This itself would have been a very thoughtful gift. That car was the one they drove home from the church in after their wedding, and was a staple of many memories for years after.

However, this was even better. Inside the mode car was a key. The couple was led outside to see their original 65′ Mustang sitting by the curb, ready for them to drive.

Couple Reunited with Mustang

They were overjoyed, to say the least. Tim was speechless, but eventually said that it topped everything and was unbelievable. Ruth went on to recount endless memories that the family had in the car for over 30 years.

Mustang childhood memories

The Mustang was eventually sold to a retaliative who couldn’t keep up with the maintenance and had to sell it to a co-worker. That owner took it to Pittsburgh where it’s been until the Bredahl children found it and brought it back. “It’s never leaving the family” they said. Nor shoud it.

I can’t imagine the look on their faces when it came out. Here’s to the happy couple and their 50 years.