Equip: 12 Fishing Essentials, Week of July 20th

Catching a trophy fish takes more than just patience and luck. You also need some quality fishing gear, and if you’re fly-fishing, you’ll need a few more items than your typical fisherman.

Here are a few basic fishing essentials that’ll help you catch the big one:

1. Bassdash Fly-Fishing Flies Kit

Dupe even the smartest fish into thinking your bait is real with these lifelike flies. This kit comes with 64 assorted flies, which all fit inside a small box with a magnetic fastener. Plus, it includes both dry and wet flies, leeches, streamers, terrestrials and more to attract a variety of fish.

$27 from Amazon

2. Piscifun Aluminum Fishing Pliers

Easily remove hooks caught in your prize fish’s gills or mouth with the Piscifun fishing pliers. This handy tool is spring-loaded and made of anodized aluminum to prevent rusting. It also features tungsten-carbide cutters that can cut through the heaviest mono leader and braided lines. 

$25 from Amazon

3. Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag

Carry up to four large tackle boxes — or 38.8 liters worth of gear — with this one Spiderwire Wolf tackle bag. This bag is designed for ultimate portability and features adjustable dividers, slots for pliers, pockets and even removable fishing line dispensers. 

$50 from Amazon

4. Dr.Meter Backlit LCD Display Fishing Scale 

Never wonder how much that whopper weighs again with this handy hanging scale. This device can hold fish up to 110 pounds and converts pounds to ounces or kilograms. It even comes with a tape measure to discourage you from exaggerating your fish tales. 

$12 from Amazon

5. PLUSINNO Cannonball Fishing Weights Sinkers Kit

Using the right weight can be the key to catching plenty of fish. Luckily, this kit of weights and sinkers includes cannonballs of four various weights made of high-quality, durable materials. The set even comes with a free tackle box, so you don’t lose any of the smaller pieces.

$23 from Amazon

6. Filthy Anglers Fishing Ultra-Light Windbreaker 

Keep yourself warm on chilly morning fishing trips with an ultra-light windbreaker. This hooded jacket is water-resistant, offering protection in the summer without you getting too hot. Plus, it packs up into its own pockets so you can easily take it anywhere. 

$50 from Amazon

7. Dark Lightning Fly-Fishing Waders

Join the fish for a day with these lightweight fly-fishing waders. These inflatable overalls come with boots and feature taped seams, which make them 100% waterproof. They even come with a free boot hanger to dry your gear quickly and get back in the lake sooner.

$40 from Amazon

8. Anglers Accessories Gehrke’s Gink

Keep your dry flies afloat and looking delectable with Gehrke’s Gink. This dry fly dressing claims to be the world’s best — a little does go a long way. Simply apply the waxy substance to your fly before casting and watch the fish swarm. 

$7 from Amazon

9. Maxcatch Fly-Fishing Vest Pack

If you’re wading into the water, you’ll want to bring your gear with you, not leave it on the beach. That’s where this fishing vest pack can come in handy. Both a backpack and vest pack, the bag comes with adjustable straps and zippered pockets so you can carry everything out onto the water. 

$80 from Amazon

10. SF Clear Monofilament Nylon Tippet Line

For long days on the water, you’ll need some tippet line. This package contains 33 yards of line made of clear nylon. The material has a perfect blend of elasticity and strength to help you tie the best knots. Choose between six different weights for the line that best suits your catch.

$10 from Amazon

11. Fly-Fishing Tapered Leaders

Disguise your line from fish with these tapered leaders. This pack of five already comes with loops on the ends for easy on-and-off connection to your line. They’re also available in seven sizes to help you catch everything from small bass to large trout that easily spook.

$10 from Amazon

12. Wild Fish 6-Piece Fish Fillet Set

If you aren’t the catch-and-release type, this six-piece fish fillet set is one fishing essential you have to have. Scale and fillet your prize catch using the kit’s three knives and cutting board. It also comes with a sharpening rod and carrying case so you can bring all your prep tools with you to the lake.

$23 from Amazon 

Gone Fishing

Now that you know what kind of fishing essentials you’ll need to go fly fishing, all that’s left to do is flip that storefront sign to “gone fishing” and get out there. Who knows? Maybe you’ll catch a whopper.

Oscar Collins