Help the Environment by Using an E-Bike


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Today, many of us are ready to do anything we can to reduce our carbon footprint. We turn our thermostats down a few notches, reuse and recycle plastic containers, and take shorter showers. Let’s be real, though — that may not be enough. How we travel plays a huge role in climate change. More than ever, people drive cars to reach a destination. The alternative is a poorly routed public transit system that’s never on time. Luckily for us, there’s the electric bicycle. So, what are the environmental benefits of E-bikes?

The Current Issues

As you may know, greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide, cause the Earth’s atmosphere to warm. In the United States, transportation is the most significant cause of these emissions. This is because of fossil fuels like diesel and gasoline, which burn as vehicles operate. To combat this, companies have come out with various electric cars. However, charging ports aren’t as widely spread as gas stations. Thus, many need further alternatives.

In many countries, trains and buses are the chosen methods of transportation. They’re cheaper and more efficient than their counterparts. Unfortunately, America’s transit systems aren’t up to par. While useful in cities like New York, the average subway ride anywhere else won’t wow you. Similarly, many people aren’t even aware that their area offers public transportation. Instead, they use their cars. There has to be a solution somewhere, right?

What’s an E-Bike?

An electric bicycle, or e-bike, is a spin on the classic two-wheel vehicle. E-bikes power themselves through an integrated electric motor, which helps to propel the rider forward. Some have smaller engines to assist with pedaling, while others are more like a moped. They’re even faster than cars in some cases. E-bikes are also easy and cheap to store, so they’re ideal for small living spaces.

There are several different types and brands on the market, each with various bells and whistles. All this makes them great for every kind of person and situation. 

How They Help

Aside from their time-saving abilities, the environmental benefits of e-bikes are significant. When you drive a car to work or school, you burn fuel to get there and back. A consistent, everyday occurrence of this is substantial. The average midsize car produces 0.79 pounds of carbon dioxide for every mile it’s driven. On top of that, vehicles create exhaust, which in turn generates smog and harms air quality. As we’ve established, cars aren’t great in this regard.

When you ride a bike, none of this occurs. There’s no engine or tailpipe — only a small motor powered by rechargeable batteries. Because you can cycle on designated street space or back roads, bikes help eliminate traffic congestion. This measure reduces the amount of emissions caused by stopped cars. Overall, there’s no carbon footprint to think about. E-bikes are a quick way to reach a destination without environmental impacts. 

Further Perks

Aside from sustainability, e-bikes are useful in several other areas. They’re compact, which means they’re perfect for those who don’t have garages or driveways. In major cities, like Los Angeles and New York, parking is a major hassle in many ways. Bikes help here, as you can store them — for free — wherever you have the room. Gone are the days of meters and tickets. Also, riding a bike is a terrific way to meet daily exercise goals.

Cars are also pricier to maintain. With insurance and regular auto shop visits, you can spend hundreds of dollars on your vehicle alone. Bikes don’t have as many pieces or parts, so when something does break, it’s usually simple and inexpensive to fix. This aspect can make a world of difference for those with limited incomes. In the same vein, bikes are an excellent option for those who need to travel frequently but don’t have the money for a car.

Overall, all you need to budget for are the bike’s initial cost, plus the odd repair and electricity required to charge it.

Environmental Benefits of E-Bikes

Reevaluate how you use your current vehicle. Do you need to transport a lot of people or haul a lot of equipment? Many of us may realize that a bike can serve us just as well as our car. If you want to do the most you can for the environment, give an e-bike some serious thought. It may be the best decision you ever make.

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