What to Look for When Buying Hiking Gear Online


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Whether you’re a newbie or a
veteran, all hikers know that gear is incredibly important. But with so many
options out there, where does one begin? If it’s time to find a new pair of
boots or a replacement backpack, take a look at this guide. This way, you can
find the best quality and performance possible.

Be Aware of Your Needs

It’s necessary to think
about your needs as you shop for apparel. There are hundreds of different
online brands — so in this case, one size doesn’t fit all. For instance,
consider the weather in your area and where you plan to hike. A light
windbreaker isn’t so useful when you’re on a mountain in Alaska. Search terms
like “best men’s coats for hiking in winter” to find more suitable

Many popular retail stores,
like REI and Backcountry, compile lists of gear based on specific variables.
Feel free to peruse those ideas, but don’t make a concrete decision until you
read reviews. Sometimes companies will pay writers to promote their products.

Don’t Stick to a Single

Maybe you’re a Patagonia
fanatic or you remain loyal to Columbia. You can definitely stick to those
companies if you want. But try to remember that some brands make certain pieces
better than others. Before you spend hundreds of dollars on an item, look for
comparable versions
 elsewhere. Look at gear side-by-side to choose the best option.

On a similar note, some
hikers like to promote specific items. Keep in mind that just because a hat is
popular doesn’t mean it’s quality-made. Again, it’s essential to check out a
variety of suppliers before you make a purchase.

Think Outside of the Box

As you search for other
brands, you’ll also want to take a look at different websites. This way, you
can save a little money. You probably already know about Amazon and Walmart,
but there are a ton of other
sell fantastic gear. Look for the product you want to buy on each website and
compare prices.

To get even more of a bang
for your buck, check Craigslist and Facebook Market. People often sell or give
away gently-used gear. Remember that you probably won’t be able to get
everything at these places, but you may score a deal or two. You can also check
with friends or family to see if they have items.

Try to think outside of the
box so that you can shop from a more comprehensive selection of items.

Check the Fine Print

Unlike brick-and-mortar
stores, online suppliers tend to have tricky policies. Before you check out,
make sure that you understand the fine print. Can you return the item? When
will the gear ship? These questions should be in the back of your mind as you
browse. If you have a hike planned, you’ll want to know if your gear can make
it on time.

Look at the reviews and see
what shoppers have said about the size. Since you can’t try on the item in
person, it’s important to get a general idea of how it will look. Consult
different guides to find the perfect
your body. Overall, make sure that you understand the product thoroughly.

Ask for Opinions

An essential tip to remember
is that you should ask around for other opinions. Leave a question on a related
forum about a particular type of gear. Talk to friends and family about what
they suggest. You can even inquire directly on a retailer’s website — many
now have live chat systems. When in doubt, personal recommendations can put you
on the right path.

Use These Tips to Find the
Best Gear on the Web

You can use these tricks to
find the best hiking gear on the internet! You’ll be more than ready to hit the
trail or tackle whatever other challenge awaits you out there.