Get a Sweet Apollo Edition Mustang

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What is the greatest vehicle of all time? And I am including every mode of transportation in that question. Rollerblades, canoes, Ferraris, Harriers — what is the most impressive machine mankind has ever created to help us get from point A to point B? In my mind, there is only one answer, and every other means of locomotion bows down trembling before it. The answer, of course, is the Saturn V Rocket.

My Other Car Is a Space Shuttle

This is the rocket that launched the astronauts of the Apollo program out of Earth’s orbit and toward the moon — that fact alone should move it toward the top of anybody’s list. But it also happens to be one of the flat-out craziest things people anywhere have ever built. It weighed 6.2 million pounds and stood 60 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty. You want to talk about horsepower? This thing created more power than 85 Hoover Dams (seriously).

So an impressive choice, sure, but admittedly it’s not your kind of everyday vehicle. Yeah, it’d be impressive to pick a girl up for a date in a Saturn V Rocket, but you just know parking would be a pain. Plus the fact that when it runs out of fuel, it just detaches from your capsule. You’d need to coordinate a ride home everywhere you go, and that’s not a good look. No one wants to roll up in a rocket ship and go home in a taxi.

Rocket Ship on Wheels

Luckily Ford has released a new Mustang, presumably built to address this exact problem. It has just released an extremely limited edition — and by limited, I mean a single car — Mustang outfitted to resemble a spaceship from the Apollo program. It’s not strapped with rocket boosters, but it still has some power. It’s a souped up Mustang GT with 627 horsepower. Not exactly 85 Hoover Dams, but still definitely enough to pin you back in your seat when you’re ready for takeoff and a big step up from the 425 horsepower of the 2015 GT.

saturn v mustang

What makes it resemble the Saturn V even more than the engine, though, is its slick exterior. It has the Saturn V’s distinctive black and white markings, the American flag decals you’d expect to be plastered on something landing on the moon, and vertical United States decals that give you the impression this thing was built to travel upward.

Perhaps most distinctively, it has fiery-orange underbody lights supposedly meant to resemble the friction-heat that made the Apollo capsules glow upon reentry. Underbody lights are a risky proposition. When they’re not done right, they end up making the car look like a customized Focus a 12-year-old would build in Need for Speed Underground II.

I think Ford only pulls off the LED lights in this case because they tie in so directly with the overall theme. The effect is certainly much more “afterburner” than it is “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.”

A (Relatively) Cheap Alternative to a Spacecraft

So how much will the Apollo Edition Mustang set you back? The good news is that you can still pretend it’s within your price range, since it doesn’t have a sticker price. It’s set to be sold at auction with all proceeds benefitting the Experimental Aircraft Association’s youth programs.

However, you probably won’t be able to buy this the way you would an old iPod on eBay — that is, make one low bid and hope no one else notices the sale. Last year’s Thunderbird Edition Mustang sold for $398,000, so it’s unlikely this one would sell for much less than that. Still, the fact is you’ll never be able to buy a Saturn V rocket. Right now, there’s still a chance you could get the next best thing.