Hardest Car Quiz of All Time

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CarWow recently posted the World’s Hardest Car Quiz. I took it and got about 5 right, mostly lucky guesses. But I thought… is that REALLY the world’s hardest car quiz? Certainly if I can get 5 right, then there has to be a harder car quiz out there. Or, hmm… maybe I should make one. So that’s what I did.

So check it out, the hardest car quiz of all time:


How did you do? Get any right?

Ok, obviously that was a joke, and just to have a little fun. This is what happens when my wife is watching The Voice and I have nothing else to do.

I guess the reason I did it was to point out that it’s pretty easy to make a quiz that’s the “hardest in the world” if you make it so there are no right answers, or so it’s so ridiculously obscure that no one would ever get anything right.

Oh and as for the picture of Jason Torchinsky… there’s no real meaning behind it. I decided “what’s a stupid picture I could have instead of an actual picture of him” and the first thing I googled was “Man Baby.” By the way, don’t ever google that. Yikes.

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