7 Effective Home Remedies for a Patchy Beard

Jan 09, 2023

Side view of man in green sweater with beard.

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Thousands of men have experienced the patchy beard syndrome. Some parts of the beard are full and healthy, while other places have no hair follicles at all. Men’s grooming companies have introduced many chemical products to fix patchy beards, but the truth is that many of them do not work. You’re better off saving your money and trying these seven home remedies for a patchy beard.

1. Let it Grow

If you’re still in the early stages of growing your beard, you can’t know if it’s truly patchy or not. You haven’t seen your beard at its full potential. You need to give it at least 90 days to grow in and fill up the empty spaces. Everyone’s beard needs time to grow to its completion. Shaving or trimming your beard every week prevents the existing hair follicles from strengthening.

Additionally, some guys are late bloomers. Their beards might look patchy throughout their teens and 20s, but suddenly their facial hair comes to life later in adulthood. You might be one of these people. Don’t assume that you’ll be stuck with your patchy beard for your entire life. Your beard’s thickness could quickly multiply in the near future. Be patient and let your body develop.

2. Exercise

Your fitness also plays a role in your beard’s thickness. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, you’re not giving your facial hair a fighting chance. Your hair follicles need physical activity to stay healthy, just like your muscles. Exercise is also a great stress reliever that helps balance your hormones and promote positive mental health, digestion, hair growth and many other functions.

Heavy weight training is the most effective workout style to promote beard growth. Young people – especially males – need to regularly push themselves to failure to see the best results. A treadmill and some ab exercises aren’t good enough. You need more muscular stimulation if you want to change your facial hair.

3. Adjust Your Diet

Your diet plays an even bigger role in your facial hair’s thickness. You can’t expect to have a full beard if you drink alcohol and eat junk food all the time. Your body needs a balanced diet for proper growth. Our hairs are made out of proteins, so they easily turn brittle and fragile with nutrient deficiencies. 

These nutrients are must-have natural home remedies for a patchy beard:

  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Biotin

If you’re struggling to get a sufficient daily serving of these nutrients, consider taking powder or pill-based supplements. You should notice a quick change by adjusting your diet.

4. Moisturize and Brush Often

Get into the habit of moisturizing and brushing your facial hair a few times a week. You shouldn’t do it every day though, because you don’t want to overload your face with chemicals and make the skin sensitive. Three or four times a week is more than enough. Here are the grooming steps you should take:

  • Switch to cold water at the end of your showers to close up your skin pores.
  • Brush your beard with a light, soft hairbrush.
  • Moisturize with a face and body lotion.

You don’t have to overdo it with the moisturizer products. Too many artificial ingredients will directly impede your beard’s growth and keep it patchy forever. Use a simple lotion with natural ingredients and minimal artificial additives.

5. Get Enough Sleep

A good night’s sleep is vital for pretty much anything – your mood, your workout performance, your mental health, and yes, your hair. Our body temperatures drop during REM sleep, which increases blood circulation to our hair follicles and roots. You need to get at least seven hours of sleep every night to ensure that your facial hair gets sufficient circulation.

6. Get More Sunlight

Sunlight is one of the best home remedies for patchy beards, low energy, stress and many other common problems. When exposed to sunlight in moderation, our skin takes in more Vitamin D and our body produces more serotonin. Both factors can improve your beard’s thickness and change your body hair composition altogether.

7. Trim Like a Pro

If you need a quick home remedy for your patchy beard, you need to learn to trim like a pro. Luckily for you, Modded has a seven-step guide to help you create the most optimal shape for your beard. Your patches might indeed be permanent, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make small adjustments to make the beard look better.

You Don’t Need Chemicals to Grow a Full Beard

Your beard might be patchy for now, but adjusting your diet, training, sleep and grooming habits can change that. You don’t need chemicals to grow a full beard. You already have all the resources you need at home and in the outside world.

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