Why You Should Comb Your Beard (And 5 Products to Up Your Beard Care Game)

Man with beard looking upward.

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If you’re new to beard care, or even if you’ve sported a hairy do for years, it can be difficult to know how to treat your beard. The hair is rougher and usually more unruly than the hair on your scalp, and it is in close contact with sensitive skin on your face. To manage, style and clean, you should comb your beard regularly. 

While any small comb can do the job, you will want to try the accompanying five-star products to add an extra oomph to your beard care routine. 

To Comb or To Brush? 

Most men’s care brands sell beard combs and brushes. While they are closely related, each product carries its own unique job. Brushes cannot reach as deep into the hair as a comb can. The longer your beard, the more you probably need a comb to dig in and detangle strands of hair. Like the hair on your head, beard hair needs to be maintained and loosened every day so that it does not become matted. 

A comb’s teeth can be spaced out for thick or thinner beards as well. However, the bristles on a brush may agitate frizzy or tangled hair. 

A beard brush may come in handy for styling and shaping. Men with shorter beards or stubble may find that a brush is a better tool for shaping their buzzed beards. 

Why Should You Comb Your Beard? 

Combs are therefore essential for any bearded man out there. At the end of the day, detangling your hair is the most important task. A combing routine can also complete a myriad of tasks. 

1. Prevent Ingrown Hairs

These are the red bumps that appear when hair has grown the wrong way. To avoid discomfort and pain, comb every day. This guides hair to grow in the right manner. 

2. Style And Shape

Daily combing trains hair to grow a certain way or direction, as well. This can cut down on tedious time shaping in the morning. 

3. Distribute Oils and Balms

Beard care products moisturize and clean, but if they clump together, you may find breakouts or minimized effects of the product. Combs catch the product and evenly smooth it through hair. 

4. Remove Debris

Comb teeth also dispel dirt, food dust and dead skin from your beard that build up throughout the day.

Products To Upgrade Your Beard Care

Enhance your daily beard care routine and sport the smoothest and most handsome look. With the right comb and maintenance, your beard will look like it never has before. 

1. Multi-Size Combs Set

This set combines three different sizes and widths between teeth to target all beard styles. If you’re an innovative styler and often change the length and shape of your beard, this would be a good investment to make sure you always have the tools you need. 

$19.95 from Amazon

2. Beard and Brush Combo

If you’re sporting a short or stubble beard, you can combine the powers of combs to guide hairs and brushes to shape. This combo is the perfect size for the bathroom cabinet or packed away in a suitcase or backpack. No matter where you go, your kit tames and softens your style. 

$8.98 from Amazon

3. Unscented Beard Oil

Beard oil moisturizes both the skin and beard hairs themselves to cut back on dry, itchy skin and dandruff. This affordable beard oil uses unscented essential oils so that everyone can use it safely and find shiny, smooth beards. 

$12.99 from Amazon

4. All-Natural Beard Balm 

Beard balm acts similarly to beard oil in that it conditions, softens and soothes skin. However, it is meant for courser and longer hair. This all-natural formula offers a chance for your beard to be shiny, soft and itch-free. 

$19.50 from Amazon

5. Refreshing Beard Wash

Freshening up your beard extends to showering and washing care, too. This beard wash is vegan and free of parabens and sulfates so it does not irritate the skin. Apply when wet and only use a coin-sized dollop to massage the formula into your beard. Pat dry with a towel and watch as your hair becomes softer and healthier. 

$18.99 from Amazon

Comb And Get It

Many men are unsure about how to best care for their beards, no matter the length. Cleaning, managing and styling are all vital steps, but it all begins with detangling the hair. You should comb your beard so that it is much easier to add soothing washes and oils to build back healthy follicles. 

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