Mustang Monday – 10 Years Apart

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After what seems like a month straight of rain, the sun is finally out and the car shows are starting to begin. That also means we’re starting to see a lot more great pictures of cars, as guys get them prepped and ready for the summer.

Today’s Mustang Monday comes from reddit user blade02892. They don’t appear to be his cars, but are still awesome none-the-less. Check out these two GTs that are 10  years apart.


I’d take the new one, but in the yellow. That yellow is fantastic, and looks great with the black trim.

It’s a shame that these GTs live in a state that requires the front license plate though. These cars would look so much better without that. But, laws are laws.

I would love to see these two cars race. The reddit post did not mention if any modifications were put on either one.

If you have a picture to send in for next Mustang Monday, feel free to contact me!