Mustang Monday – Double Red

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It’s Mustang Monday, and there’s just something about a Mustang in red. Most sports cars look good in red, but the Mustang sets the bar pretty high. I don’t even like red in general, but it looks fantastic on these two cars I found on reddit’s r/mustang.

To find more information and fun facts about the stunning Mustang, check out this article.

We start with the back. This one comes from a guy who was messing around in Photoshop and ended up with a pretty cool picture. You can see some color in the trees above the roof of the car, and it looks like the sides were a bit tricky with the reflection. Still, it look spretty nice. It really makes the GT trunk logo stick out, and shows a great rear view of a great car.

rear mustang

The next one is just amazing. It comes from Modded Mustangs of Arizona and is truly a work of art. The gold is what makes it. Check out the gold pony on the front… just beautiful. The lights look great and the 5.0 pops out as well. Great picture, great car.

red mustang

That’s all for mustang Monday this week! Have a mustang you want featured? Send me an email with some details!