Mustang Monday – Ecoboost Forever

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It’s the return of an old favorite… Mustang Monday!

Today’s Mustang is from redditor u/jdanna, and judging by the 295 comments, I’m not the only one who thinks it’s pretty sweet. Check it out:

Ecoboost Mustang with Performance Package

mustang monday ecoboost

He gave the following reasons for picking this Stang: “Price, better weight distribution/handling, and a general love of turbos.” I’d say that sums it up pretty good. He only paid $24,300 for a car with an MSRP of $28,500, which is truly an impressive deal. Now might be a great time to pick one of these up if you’ve been wanting one but hesitant. If you were looking for a sign saying “go buy one of these” then here it is. Another redditor commented that he paid the same amount for a 2014 Mazda 3.

Jdanna also said that the performance package included “black wheels, Pirelli, p-zeros, better brakes, suspension, boost/oil pressure gauges, and a 3.55 rear instead of a 3.31.” I’ve always thought if  you were getting a car like this, it would be foolish NOT to get the performance package. Plus just for the looks, the black wheels look amazing.

With such a great looking car, I just wish there were more pictures. Although it’s pretty cool to think how many memories will be made in this thing, and how pictures will be taken of it in its lifetime.

With a slightly jealous heart, I wish you the best Jdanna! I hope you enjoy that sweet Ecoboost Mustang for many years to come.