Mustang Monday – Mustangs EVERYWHERE!

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Living in central Pennsylvania has some advantages. One of them is being close to a major Mustang parts company, CJ Pony Parts. On Saturday they had their “Customer Appreciation Day” which is one of my favorite days of the year because I only have to drive a couple minutes to see hundreds of sweet Mustangs.

The weather was great this year. Sure, there was food, games, prizes, etc., but the real reason to go was the cars.

Check out a few of them:

Not usually a fan of flames but this one is well done.



Gray > White > Green > Flames > White Camo



Dang, the first two are cool.



Just look at all of them! This is just one of the lots.



Ok, this one might be one of the ugliest ones I’ve ever seen. Whatever floats your boat, I suppose!



I’ll be posting more pics soon so stay tuned. If you were at the show feel free to send some to me!