Mustang Monday on a Tuesday – Stripes or No Stripes?

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It’s that time again: Mustang Monday. But this time, we’re holding Mustang Monday on a Tuesday. Today’s Mustang comes from Reddit user /u/ThunderCakez who is wondering if he should put stripes on his 2013 GT or leave it the way it is. Check it out:

mustang monday

Personally I think it looks great the way it is. I’d love to see something unique though, like orange stripes instead of just white, yellow, or silver.

It seems like most of Reddit agrees with me. But what do you think? Stripes or no stripes?

Either way it’s a pretty sweet ride.

Check out our other facts about mustangs and tune in next time for more cool pictures on Mustang Monday. Hopefully this is the last Mustang Monday on a Tuesday and we can get back on track next week!