Mustang Monday – Rear Window

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Rear Window, staring James Stewart, is one of the greatest classic films in history. However, I often forget about it when I’m thinking of lists of my favorite old movies.

I also tend to forget about the rear window of Mustangs. I focus on the front, sides, top, and even the windshield, but never the rear window. That is, until I see something like this:

Mustang rear window mustang monday

Wow! That thing looks good.

This is from reddit user u/factorialfiber0, who we’ve featured once before thanks to his black locking lug nuts:

black and gold lug nuts

Now, normally I’m not a huge fan of rear window louvers except on older cars. However, the mix of the black and the yellow is just too good to ignore. Maybe it’s the Pittsburgh fan in me that loves the color combination so much, but either way, this is gold.

Side note, I realize I haven’t done Mustang Monday in awhile, but that is about to change. Start looking for it once a week in 2017!