Mustang Monday – Road Trip

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Today’s Mustang Monday was on the front page of reddit’s r/mustangs and could stay there for a long time if it were up to me. It comes from u/Pyratess and is taken in front of the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. Check it out:

mustang mountains

I’m more than a little bit jealous both of the car and the view!

He goes on to talk more about the Mustang, saying ” I have done some modifications to better adapt the car to today’s driving world. I put in better disc brakes, a modern rack and pinion quick steer system, some safety stuff (3-point seatbelts and late model seats), that kind of thing. I’ve got a whole list of mods but it’s pretty dang long so I won’t bother you with it. I do still run the old school powertrain though – built 289, Toploader 4-speed, and 3.23 rear gears baby! Never lets me down.”

Here’s another of his pictures:


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