Mustang Mondays – 2 Gems

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Welcome to Mustang Mondays! I’ll be featuring some awesome cars every Monday with a little blurb on each one. So let’s get started!

First up is this 2009 Bullitt.

offthethrottle - mustang1

I don’t see very many of these on the road, so when I do it’s a special find. Some people can’t spot them very well due to the lack of pony on the front (I had a tough time convincing my 9 year old son that this really was a Mustang) but these cars are pretty awesome. I don’t love the color but this is a great picture with the clouds reflecting off the hood and windshield.

Next up… wow. This one comes to us from Moly, and is just plain awesome.

offthethrottle - mustang4

First of all, look at that great, clear picture. This person knew when they were doing and knew how to shoot a car. Love the blue.

"Processed with VSCOcam"

Really great place to both gets some pictures and have a little fun with the car. I’m surprised there aren’t more tracks.

offthethrottle - mustang3Awesome front shot.

And there it is! Short and sweet.