Editorial Guidelines

Editorial Guidelines

Modded is the go-to place for anyone interested in the men’s lifestyle niche. We cover everything from the latest car news to tips on how to plan your ideal camping trip. Though we like to maintain a fun, laid-back attitude with our content, we do follow a few guidelines that are universal to Modded.com. Whether you’re just a fan who is curious about our process or someone who is looking to write for our blog, it may be helpful to take a look at how we craft our content.

Style Guide

At Modded, we write our articles to make a positive impact on those who read them. For every post we make, we’re looking to entertain, elevate, educate and relate to our readers. To do this, we make sure the topics we write about are relevant to our audience. We maintain a fun, friendly and sophisticated attitude while also being respectful of more sensitive topics in our niche. We seek to encourage our readers to be the best versions of themselves and empower them with tips, guides and facts that offer them confidence in all their endeavors. And lastly, we act as advice-givers offering our ideas to readers.

While we do act as authorities in our niche offering advice on a wide range of topics, we realize that we are not doctors or physicians. We present our information in an objective light and allow our readers to do as they wish with it. 

Our articles will usually range around 1200+ words and will include a featured image with the post. We welcome fresh and exciting stories in various categories like cars, fitness, gear and outdoors.

Our style guide outlines in detail how we expect our articles to be written with regards to aspects like tone, grammar, web elements and linking.
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