2016 MOMO Edition Volkswagen Jetta GLI Is the Perfect Middle Ground for VW fans

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Throughout history, “special edition” packages of cars have always been more about looks than performance. Take, for example, the Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer or the numerous variations of the Bugatti Veyron.

With the 2016 MOMO Edition Volkswagen Jetta GLI, however, performance meshes with appearance. In this video, Manuel Carrillo III takes us through a smooth review of the car. His cinematography is relaxed and professional, and he gives a full take without rambling. Other car reviewers should take note. Check it out:

The Performance

The MOMO edition has an APR Stage 1 tune, a turboboost (which, according to Carrillo, goes up to a max of 20), 230 horsepower that’s pushed to the wheels (which means 255 at the crank) and an approximate 0-60 time of 5.9 seconds.

This car drives much like a Golf R — it offers a comfortable middle ground between a regular GTI/GLI and a Golf R. Even better, the MOMO edition comes with some grippy Pirelli P Zero tires and a lowered H & R suspension.

One way this can be easily demonstrated is by putting the car in “sport” mode and hitting “launch control.” The Pirellis keep the car from burning out completely when launching from a standstill.

As a daily driver, the car is formidable, but it sits at a “show car” height, so you may have some rubbing in the turns. This can be easily fixed by raising the suspension, though — you can get at another inch higher.

The Aesthetics

MOMO lightened up the inside of the car with yellow accents — trim on the dash, stitching in the fabric, and bold logos on the headrests.

Of course, when most people think about MOMO, they think steering wheels. But MOMO showcases their other specialties on this car, such as quality wheels. As Carrillo puts it, “It’s not just about looks, it’s also about feel through the steering wheel and even when you’re touching them when you’re washing the car.”

The Future for Volkswagen

So, should MOMO produce a factory production version of this special-edition GLI? Carrillo thinks so. It’s a wonderful stepping stone between a GLI for a seasoned driver and a regular GLI. The substance the car brings is a fusion of style and performance that results in a delightful combo.

If this car were to come factory-produced, the price would have to be right. Carrillo estimates it would fall somewhere between a fully-loaded GLI and a fully-loaded Golf R. For the faithful fans of Volkswagen, this special-edition package would be irresistible.

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