How to Avoid Dents and Scratches on Your Car


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Sometimes you don’t consider how much work it can be looking after a nice car when you buy it. Sure, it’s great to see heads turn on the street and feel good about yourself when you take the car out, but you’ve got to be thoughtful to avoid scratches and dings.

Even if you don’t drive an exotic, you probably understand the desire to keep your car looking beautiful. There are a few ways that you can do it, and while we can’t help you with the anxiety, this article might save you a few cosmetic repairs.

Park With Care

Parking lots are deadly for cars. According to one poll, 66% of drivers make phone calls while in parking lots. Others program their GPS, text, check social media and more. Not only are there no rules, but narrow spacing sets your car up to be damaged.

Avoid lots at all costs. When possible, move your car to the outer edges, near a corner spot. You could also seek an area with lots of open space. If you must park in the thick of the action, try to find a clean, nice car. Chances are, the person will understand the desire to keep their car nice and will respect your property.

Have a Safe Storage Place

When you’re not out and about, your car could still be subject to scratches and dents. That’s why we strongly recommend you store it in a garage.

Parking on the street is putting your car at risk from countless hazards — the weather, stray objects and other drivers. Make sure there’s room in your garage to use it as it’s intended, to store and protect your vehicle.

Don’t Drive in Bad Weather

The elements can take a toll on a car’s paint. Even the sun can be as harsh on your car’s finish as it is on your skin. Plus, some cars spend their entire lives exposed to it.

Rain, sleet and snow all eat away at a car’s finish, and can even cause dents in the event of a hailstorm. Avoid this by keeping your vehicle indoors when the weather is bad as much as possible.

How to Avoid Dents and Scratches

The paint on your car needs to be taken care of. Cleaning and regularly feeding the exterior with wax will ensure it stays soft and able to withstand abrasive contact without scratching.

Bird droppings and tree sap, both acidic, can eat into your car’s paint and should be removed as soon as possible. By maintaining your car’s paint, you’ll stand a better chance of avoiding future scars and scratches.

If you do find blemishes on your car’s exterior, there are ways to repair them using touch-up paint and dentless repair techniques. Don’t panic. Sometimes, it comes down to luck, and things don’t always go your way.

Let us know if you’ve got advance about scratch and dent repairs in the comments section! We’d love to know your secrets.

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