Equip: 12 Essentials for Mixologists, Week of September 20th


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If you’d rather drink a cocktail than make one, you’re probably at a loss when it comes to picking a gift for your favorite mixologist. Whether they’re a professional or a complete novice, figuring out what to get them can be difficult. Well, look no further. Here are 12 essentials for mixologists that your bartending friend wants — and where to find them.

1. Crafthouse Cocktail Shaker Set

Every great mixologist begins with a quality shaker, and this one is no exception. The Crafthouse cocktail shaker set celebrates the bold spirit of hand-crafted drinks and guarantees professional-level cocktails at home, regardless of your friend’s mixing experience. The set includes a shaker, strainer, jigger and wooden muddler. 

Get it from Williams-Sonoma

2. True Cubes Ice Cube Tray

Perfect drinks call for perfectly clear ice cubes. Now, your favorite cocktail enthusiast can make their own with the True Cubes Ice Cube Tray. This gadget transforms regular tap water into completely transparent cubes by removing metals and other contaminants. So their drinks might look and even taste better!

Get it from Amazon 

3. BIC Ice Mallet 

Mules, juleps and other popular cocktails call for crushed ice, so the True Cube won’t be much help here. Instead, they’ll need a BIC Ice Mallet. This heavy wooden tool looks like Thor’s hammer and can easily pulverize ice into snow — not to mention woo all the ladies. 

Get it from Bull in China

4. Crew Bottles

Does your friend like to make their own syrups and infusions? Help them bottle up all that genius by gifting them a couple of Crew bottles. Their sleek, hygienic design makes it easy to eliminate bacteria with the touch of a button and infuse, mix, pour and store liquid ingredients. 

Get it from Crew Supply Co.

5. Cloth Cocktail Napkins 

Aside from the drinks themselves, napkins are the greatest essentials for mixologists. Eco-conscious gentlemen know that paper cocktail napkins aren’t great for the environment, but what other alternatives are there? Cloth, of course! Reuse this collection of napkins again and again without ever worrying about the trees or the planet. Get a set of four for less than $20. 

Get it from Crate and Barrel

6. Bitters Sampler Pack 

If your friend is just beginning to experiment with bitters, gift them a starter pack of unique flavors. This collection includes five half-ounce bottles and a recipe card so they can start using them right away. 

Get it from Crude Bitters

7. Cocktails on Tap

Beer has become a favorite ingredient for top mixologists and bartenders around the world. So, if you think your friend is ready to add hops to their flavor arsenal, gift them Cocktails on Tap. This book features 50 of the best contemporary creations and vintage classics to inspire some wild and delicious drink-making. 

Get it from Amazon

8. Brumate Hopsulator 

Everybody knows somebody that casually bartends at house parties. You know, the guy who’s always making drinks for friends or casually mixing it up in the kitchen. This mixologist loves making cocktails but, when he’s done, he’ll still grab a beer. Keep his beverage cold with a Brumate Hopsulator, a cooler that promises to keep cans icy cold and slip-free. 

Get it from Amazon

9. 12 Days of Rum Advent Calendar 

Get your holiday shopping done early when you order a spirit advent calendar. This unconventional calendar contains a set of 12 drams that they can enjoy each day leading up to Christmas. Odds are they’ll throw a few back and use the rest to make delicious seasonal cocktails. 

Get it from The Spirit Co.

10. K400 KitchenAid Blender

Frozen cocktails are a hassle to make unless you have a quality blender. Luckily, easy slushy drinks are just a few seconds when you gift your friend the KitchenAid K400. This variable-speed blender has a three-part system to blend even the toughest ingredients into a range of textures. 

Get it from KitchenAid

11. AeroGarden Hydroponic Herb Garden 

The world’s leading mixologists like to use local ingredients in their cocktails and, now, your budding cocktail enthusiast can too. The AeroGarden will allow them to grow a variety of herbs like rosemary and basil right inside their own home. An overhead light also ensures the perfect spectrum of light for a fast-growing harvest. 

Get it from Amazon

12. Villeroy & Boch Glass Straws 

No one wants to drink a high-quality cocktail through a low-quality straw, especially a soggy paper one. Glass straws provide a superior sipping experience and a greener alternative. This set of four assorted colors also comes with a wire brush for easy cleaning. 

Get it from Macy’s


No matter what you give a mixologist, they’re sure to appreciate your company even more. Grab — or make — some drinks and toast your friendship. You can’t go wrong with these essentials for the mixologists in your life.

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