7 Fresh Ways to Get Fit This Summer

Man getting fit in the summer.

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Sunny skies and warm temperatures create the perfect atmosphere to get your body moving and in shape. Physical activity has positive effects on your body, including a lowered risk of a stroke, improved cognitive function, and reduced arthritis symptoms. Here are seven new ways to get fit this summer.

1. Slobber

Slobber, also known as SLBR, is a fun activity utilizing a large exercise ball and a dowel – a long wooden stick used for balancing.

For this exercise, take the dowel and hold it over your chest while lying on the ball. Twist your body from one side to the other, trying not to fall. The more you do it, the better you’ll become and the farther down the ball you’ll be able to take your body. This is a great exercise to strengthen your core and show off that six-pack.

2. Pickleball

Though invented in the 1960s on the West Coast, Pickleball is a sport rising in popularity in the modern United States, growing by 39% in 2021 with nearly 5 million Americans playing. So what is this new phenomenon?

Pickleball is a combination of tennis, ping-pong, and badminton you can play indoors or outdoors. The court, measuring 20 feet by 44 feet, is the same size as a badminton court.

The net is lower than what you see on a tennis court and the ball is plastic. The paddle you use is wide, about 16 inches in length and 8 inches in width. The game is easy to pick up, making it fun to invite your friends and family of all ages to come and play. You can play in singles or doubles, so check out a pickleball court near you for a new way to get exercise. 

3. Pool Exercises

Swimming pools are for adults as well as kids. You can use the pool to get lean this summer with various exercises. Pool activities are great for people with arthritis problems. The warm water relaxes the muscles and makes exercising easier. Swimming provides a great low-impact workout that utilizes the full body and can strengthen the health of your heart and lungs.

While in the pool, you can get a great resistance workout with foam weights for the water. For weight-free reps, try pool presses. Pool presses are a great exercise for your triceps. To do a pool press, put your back against the pool wall. Put your hands on the deck and push your body up and down. Going deeper into the pool creates more difficulty for this exercise and it’ll unlock those muscles.

4. Bear Crawls

You might get some funny looks while doing these, but bear crawls are a great exercise for the entire body. You’ll get a fantastic workout for your chest, back, legs, and core. To do a bear crawl, get down on all fours with your glutes in the air and back leaning forward. Crawl forward with one arm and the opposite leg and remember to keep your head up the entire time, as if you’re an actual bear running through the woods.

If you want to up the ante on bear crawls, try putting weight on your back to increase the resistance. You can achieve this with a weight plate, a backpack, or your child, dog, or whoever will have fun while you get a great workout.

5. Superman

Whether you’re pretending to be the roller coaster at Six Flags or Jerry Seinfeld’s favorite DC superhero, this exercise will get your body engaged. You don’t need any equipment for this, but an exercise mat might make things more comfortable for you.

First, you need to lay down on your stomach. Extend your arms in the air and do the same for your legs. The trick here is to keep your midsection stationary as you raise your arms and legs up and down. That way, you’re challenging your upper and lower back and strengthening your obliques. If you do this exercise enough, you might begin to feel like the actual Superman.

6. Alligator Drags

Alligator drags are another tough one you can do with no equipment needed. This is essentially a plank that gets you to move around.

To do an alligator drag, get on the floor on your stomach and put yourself in a push-up pose. Move your hands forward while maintaining that push-up position with your legs and back as straight as a line. Keep your core strong and prevent your hips from moving. Alligator drags are great for strengthening your core and shoulders.

7. Bottoms Up

Bottoms up is a great resistance exercise you can totally do while listening to the song “Bottoms Up” by Trey Songz. You’d see the best results from a kettlebell, but you could also use a dumbbell or an object with a similar size and weight that’s best for you.

Take one weight and pull it over your head, as if you’re saying “bottoms up” to a drink. Keep your shoulders back and puff your chest. Bottoms up is a great exercise for your shoulders, wrists, and forearms.

Follow These Tips to Get Fit This Summer

Between work, home life, and other responsibilities, getting in shape and staying at your ideal fitness level can be difficult. If you’re just starting out with exercise or a seasoned veteran, all you need to do is get moving and get active. 

There are numerous ways to achieve that besides the conventional methods like the gym. Go to a park, swimming pool, or any recreational area to get your fitness started the way you want with exercises that are new to you.

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