Avoid the Rough With These Fore Golf Cart Buying Tips

Avoid the Rough With These Fore Golf Cart Buying Tips - Featured

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Walking 18 holes when the sun is out makes for a solid cardio day, but what if you want a lazy golf outing? Golf carts are the top choice for golf courses and riding around the neighborhood, but you need to know what to look for before taking home your new favorite buggy. Here’s a guide with golf cart buying tips and mistakes to avoid.

Four Golf Cart Buying Tips You Need to Know

Golf carts are fun, family-friendly vehicles, so you want to get this purchase correct. Use these four golf cart buying tips when getting your machine.

1. Consider Electric Carts

Buying a golf cart means you have two options for the motor — gas or electric. The differences between them are similar to the gas and electric vehicle (EV) debate. 

For example, electric golf carts have no tailpipe emissions and require less maintenance. Fewer moving parts inside electric carts bring a lower chance of a breakdown.

2. Test Drive

Golf carts are available online, making purchasing require just a few clicks. However, it’s best to test drive your cart to ensure you like the feel of it. Even used golf carts can reach $13,000, so this is something you don’t want to mess around with.

Is the golf cart easy to drive? Are there enough seats to fit your whole crew? Golf carts will typically seat between two and eight people, so you’ll have flexibility with your vehicle’s size. Bring your family with you when test driving to answer these questions.

3. Inspect Your Golf Cart

Getting an inspection is among the most crucial golf cart buying tips to ensure you get your money’s worth. Particularly, a used machine needs an inspection because the previous owner may have left it in bad condition.

Dealerships likely have protocols for refurbishing used golf carts, but somebody selling their personal cart might not be as reliable. Again, treat the cart like a regular sedan or SUV by inspecting the battery, brakes, motor, and other essential systems.

4. Ask Around

Lean on your friends, family and neighbors with golf carts for firsthand experience. Research shows over 25 million Americans play golf, so finding one won’t take long. Their knowledge will help you decide which cart is best for you.

What Golf Cart Mistakes Should You Avoid?

Buying a golf cart isn’t something you do daily, so avoid these mistakes in your purchase:

  • Not getting a warranty
  • Not checking local laws on golf carts
  • Forgetting to ask the dealer about maintenance

Remembering Your Golf Cart Buying Tips

Golf carts are tiny machines but are super fun to drive. You don’t even have to be on the fairways to enjoy them! If you’re considering one for your enjoyment, remember these four golf cart buying tips to maximize your purchase.

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