5 Beginner Swimming Workouts for the Pool

A man diving into a swimming pool

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Working out in traditional ways doesn’t feel enjoyable for some people. Whether running or lifting weights, you may like unconventional ways of working out better. That’s where the swimming pool comes in handy. You can get excellent exercise while having fun swimming like Michael Phelps or Katie Ledecky. Try these five beginner swimming workouts in the pool this summer.

1. Freestyle Laps

If you want to swim laps in the pool, there are numerous variations you can do. There are breaststrokes, butterfly strokes, backstrokes, sidestrokes and more. They can be complicated, so there’s no shame in starting out with freestyle swimming, the traditional form you’re likely most familiar with. One way to get the best results is by making sure your form is correct.

The first thing to remember is how you breathe in the water. If you lift your head, you’re prone to dropping your legs and messing up your form. Instead, rotate your head from side to side while you swim and rest it on top of the water. With every arm movement, you’ll have half your head above and below the water, helping you breathe. 

Another point to remember for freestyle swimming is to keep your chest down. In swimming terminology, athletes call it pressing your buoy. When you’re swimming, pushing your chest down helps your balance. Engaging your chest and core makes swimming much easier for your legs and will help you achieve a better workout. Start by doing five minutes freestyle stroke laps and then gauge your stamina.

2. Resistance Swimming

An excellent way to upgrade any workout is with resistance bands. These tools make exercise more difficult because they add resistance and help you take the extra mile in your fitness routine. They’re a great way to incorporate cardio and resistance training into your workouts. 

You already feel resistance when swimming because moving is more challenging in the water. Adding resistance bands adds to the challenge slightly. A good starter exercise for these bands is knee kicks. This exercise requires you to tie the bands around your ankles. Lift your leg and make a 45-degree angle. Lift your legs between 60 and 90 degrees to look like you’re kicking. Do 10 reps per leg and aim for three sets total. 

3. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are a gym class classic. This exercise utilizes your whole body and is an effective way to implement cardio and strength training. Start by getting in the pool at chest-level water. Ensure your arms are by your side and your feet are together like a traditional jumping jack. Jump while bringing your arms above your head and moving your legs out. These repetitions will feel more challenging in the water, but they’ll provide a terrific workout. Try 10 reps and do three sets per workout.

4. Pool Runs

If you enjoy walking or jogging, pool runs could be a fun exercise for you. The water adds resistance to your movements, making walking more challenging than it is on dry land. For pool runs, you can do a combination of walking and swimming or focus on the jogging part. 

Start at the pool’s deep end or wherever the water reaches the bottom of your neck. Run from one side of the deep end to the other for five minutes. Clench your fists into a ball to help yourself move in the water. This exercise mimics a cardio workout and will build your stamina in the pool. Another idea you can implement is walking one lap and swimming the next. 

5. Pool Crunches

As mentioned above, your core is one of the most critical parts of your body to engage while swimming. There are abdominal exercises you can do that will strengthen your body and help you become a better swimmer. And, you can do them in the pool.

Swimming pool crunches have a similar setup to the ones you may do on the ground. Start by lying flat on your back in the pool and putting your legs on the deck. Your back should be floating while your knees make a 90-degree angle. Do a crunch by pulling your body upward and lowering it back down. Aim for 20 repetitions and three sets total. 

Beginner Swimming Workouts for This Summer

If you want to stay active this summer, you don’t have to stick to push-ups and treadmills. Working out can be incredibly fun if you find something you enjoy doing, such as being in the pool. Whether you just learned how to swim or think you can compete with Mark Spitz, try these five beginner swimming workouts and see which one you like the most

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