6 High Protein Breakfast Ideas


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Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? The answer is subjective, but starting your day with a balanced breakfast is essential. Eating breakfast helps your diet, cognitive function, maintaining weight and other factors. One of the best ways to keep yourself full until your next meal is to prioritize protein in your breakfast. These six high-protein breakfast ideas taste great and will satisfy you until lunch.

1. Protein Pancakes

Pancakes are a staple for breakfast, but did you know you can make them high in protein and taste great? The base of these pancakes starts with protein powder, eggs, bananas and oats. Add in baking powder with cinnamon, a pinch of salt, flax meal and egg whites and then blend it. Now you have pancake batter to make as many as you’d like. Top with peanut butter for an extra layer of deliciousness and protein. A bonus is there is no added sugar in this recipe. The sweetness comes from the banana.

2. Greek Yogurt Bowl

If you like fruit, you’re in for a treat with a Greek yogurt bowl. Greek yogurt is an inexpensive protein source, and it’s highly versatile. This dish is flexible, and you can customize it however you’d like. 

Start with a base of Greek yogurt. You can choose Greek yogurt with fat or a non-fat variety. From there, you can select among the flavors of this yogurt, such as vanilla, or you can stick with the plain. Add your favorite fruits like mixed berries, strawberries, bananas, apples and more. For a sweeter touch, add some honey or agave. Granola is another great pairing with Greek yogurt, and it adds a crunchy texture.

3. Black Bean Omelet

Eggs and black beans are two cheap protein sources you can use in various ways. Try a black bean omelet if you want a new high-protein breakfast idea that tastes delicious. The combination of eggs, black beans and shredded cheese gives this meal protein. You can put extra protein with it like sausage, bacon or ham. Top the omelet with salsa, avocado, hot sauce and sour cream. If you don’t mind a spicy wake-up call, add some jalapeños for a fresh and spicy flavor.

4. Protein Shake

When you’re in a hurry, you only have a limited time to prepare breakfast. It can be tempting to grab a muffin and go, though muffins can be very filling. Try a protein shake to get your protein in an easy and delicious way. You can get a pre-made one from the store, but doing it yourself tastes better, right?

Start with the protein powder of your choice. There are many different flavors, like chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter and more. Add fruit like bananas, frozen berries and whatever else you like. A spoonful of peanut butter adds more protein and nutritious fats. Add ice and a liquid like milk or water (depending on how thin you want the shake), and blend it. Drop in more ice cubes to keep it cooler for longer.

5. Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast burritos are a great option for a meal that doesn’t require much time. They’re also great for meal prepping during a busy week. Start with eggs and meat high in protein like chicken sausage or turkey sausage. Cook the meat with onions and peppers and then scramble the eggs to your liking. 

Put the eggs, meat and vegetables onto a tortilla and top with cheese. Wrap each burrito in foil and store them in the freezer in a freezer-safe container. You can easily reheat the burritos in the microwave, air fryer, skillet or oven whenever you want to eat them.

6. Overnight Oats

If you know you’ll only have limited time in the morning, try overnight oats for a high-protein breakfast you can easily grab and go while you’re leaving the house. You can use various containers for this, but a mason jar looks cool. The best part of this meal is there’s no cooking involved, so it’s a real time-saving breakfast.

The night before you want overnight oats, start with a mason jar and add oats plus your favorite flavored protein powder. Put a spoonful of chia seeds for some extra protein. Then add milk, Greek yogurt and a sweetener like honey. Mix everything together, cover with a lid and put it in the fridge overnight. Your overnight oats will be a sweet way to start the morning.

High Protein at Breakfast Time

While cereal and pastries can be tasty, you may need something more to hold you over until your next meal. Waking up before the sun rises doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice protein. Try these six high-protein breakfast ideas for a satisfying meal to start your day.

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