How to Get Into Golf

Man golfing.

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They call it golf because all the other four-letter words were taken. This ages-old sport is steeped in tradition, and despite being the target of a great many jokes by its own fanbase, it continues to find new players every day.

One aspect of the sport that can be a challenge to many new golfers is the steep learning curve. It can take years to become a proficient golfer, so it’s important to begin your journey on the right foot. Let’s take a look at a few suggestions for new players that can help keep them progressing and make it fun.

Don’t Obsess Over Equipment Just Yet

Golf can feel like a bit of a gear sport, and there are advantages to having the right equipment when you’ve got your technique figured out. When you’re new, though, you don’t know what that equipment will be because you haven’t established a basic swing. Instead of spending your money on the hottest new set of clubs, spend it on time on the course or lessons to help you find what works for you. Then, when you’re more comfortable, go out and find some clubs you like.

Lessons Are Important

Golfing with your pal who’s a scratch golfer might seem like a good idea. In reality, it could just be an exercise in frustration and a good way to ruin a perfectly good friendship. Spend the money to get some lessons. Private and group lessons are available, and when you work with a golf pro whose job is to help people learn, you’ll see why we say this.

There are so many things to keep in mind when developing your swing. You might work your way right out of one bad habit into a new one. By working with a pro, you’ll have an objective set of eyes to coach your game. You’ll be able to enjoy the time you spend golfing with friends that much more, because you won’t be relying on them to help you improve. You can tell them to just keep their advice to themselves.

Learn Golf Etiquette

Respecting the rules of the course is important in golf. Some golfers are more hard-nosed than others, but anyone should know the regulations and be able to play to the letter if they’re asked to. Certain basics, like how to dress appropriately for the course and the importance of being around for your tee time, hold true wherever you are. Rules about when to add a stroke may vary in their stringency depending on who you’re playing with.

Typically, higher-end, more exclusive courses demand that you adhere more closely to the rules of etiquette. When you’re a beginner, you may not have access to a country club or private course, so make sure you ask someone who invites you to play at their home course whether there are special requirements.

Golf can be a lot of fun once you’re up to speed. Begin things the right way so you can quickly move out of the frustrating early stages and begin enjoying the game.

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