6 Best Oculus Quest Racing Games in 2024

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Racing games weren’t always so hard to find. Now that you have the Oculus Quest — now Meta Quest — you’re probably wondering when the next big thing will come out. After all, virtual reality and racing are a match made in heaven. Well, it turns out there are quite a few hidden gems out there already and every gearhead and racing enthusiast deserves to know about them. Hop in the driver’s seat and immerse yourself in the world of racing with the best Oculus Quest racing games.

A quick disclaimer — many of the titles on this list are unavailable from the Meta Store. You can still play them on your VR headset through PC, but you’ll need a Meta Quest Link.

How to Play Oculus Quest Racing Games on Windows

Check whether your PC meets Meta’s minimum hardware requirements to ensure compatibility with the Oculus app. Then, download your VR headset’s latest firmware. You must also have a USB-C 3.2 cable that can support a throughput of 5GB or more or is at least 3 meters long. The native Meta Quest Link cable is ideal, but you can buy a different one from a third party. Meta recommends the Anker cable as an alternative.

Before going any further, install Steam and SteamVR on your computer. Create a shortcut to SteamVR on your home screen to launch it quickly on the Oculus app later.

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Once you have all that covered, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Meta site to download and install the Oculus PC app.
  2. Launch the software.
  3. Use your Meta account to log in.
  4. Turn on your headset.
  5. Connect your cable to your PC’s USB 3.0 port and the other end to your Meta Quest.
  6. Wear your headset, then pull up the universal menu using your right controller.
  7. Hover over and click on the clock on the left side of the screen.
  8. Select Quick Settings when it appears.
  9. Go to System and go down to Quest Link.
  10. Click Launch after choosing the PC connected to your VR headset.
  11. On Quest Link, choose Desktop on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen to show your PC screen.
  12. Launch SteamVR to start playing Steam titles on your Meta Quest.

The Oculus app handles headset registration automatically. Still, you may have to manually test your cable connection to ensure it’s powerful enough.

If Meta keeps you from playing Oculus racing games through SteamVR because it’s an unknown source, fix this by toggling on Unknown Sources in the app’s Settings tab.

Now, back to the list!

1. Dash Dash World

Mario Kart lovers, unite — and get yourself Dash Dash World. Motion X’s latest release features all the hallmarks of the kart-racing genre, including bright graphics and visually engaging race tracks. This title is so good it could reappear on a list of Oculus Quest 2 racing games, and nobody would question it.

Race up to eight friends and use your VR controllers to boost, draft, and glide your way to victory. Wacky weapons like lightning bolts and useful powerups also add a layer of strategy to this racing game since you must aim and shoot in real-time. This game offers over 100 hours of gameplay and cloud save, so you don’t lose achievements or high scores.

2. RaceRoom Racing Experience

If you’re more of a beginner in virtual racing, RaceRoom Racing Experience will help you get started. Hone your skills with this realistic free-to-play racing sim with excellent collision physics. 

R3E’s simple gameplay and impressive dynamics also make virtual reality racing easier to get used to. With some practice, you can quickly move on to more complicated VR driving games and win races when you compete against friends in the future.

RaceRoom Racing is a Steam game, so you must first follow the PC setup tutorial above to play it.

3. Assetto Corsa

There’s a reason why pro-level drifters are competing online with Assetto Corsa. This Oculus Quest racing game offers one of the best drifting simulations on the market today. Sure, it might not provide eye-popping graphics, but three difficulty profiles and a fourth customizable setting make up for the game’s lower resolution.

Greyscale image of a man wearing an Oculus headset

Eight different gaming modes and built-in editing tools also allow you to control your racing experience. Integrate additional content into the game, or check out the advanced setup options and telemetry for data analysis.

Assetto Corsa is also a Steam title. Set up the Oculus app and link your headset to your PC to play.

4. DiRT Rally 2.0

Are you looking for an unforgiving and intense gaming adventure? Then DiRT Rally 2.0 is right up your alley. Of course, you’ll be driving a rally car, but you’ll get to travel worldwide and choose tracks in locations like New Zealand and Brazil. 

The most minor mistake could end your career, so you must rely on instinct to survive this immersive experience. Version 2.0 includes a new handling model, more tire choices and hyper-realistic surface degradation for a unique race every time.

You need SteamVR to play this. Follow the setup guide above to know how to enjoy it on Meta Quest.

5. iRacing 

More professional drivers are refining their skills on iRacing than ever before, and there are plenty of reasons why. This highly realistic game features officially licensed cars, real-world physics and exact replicas of some of the world’s greatest race tracks. 

Tens of thousands of enthusiasts comprise the iRacing community, playing in dozens of private leagues. Host your race or join a league to meet other gearheads from around the country and best them in the most challenging competitions as your confidence and skill levels grow.

A man engaged in a driving simulator.

You must have a racing simulator rig to play iRacing. Once you have your setup, you can play it in VR when you launch a session.

If you proceed to VR mode, iRacing’s in-game menu will show up on your headset. iRacing supports various Oculus models, including Meta Quest. So, have a blast!

6. Live for Speed

This classic racing game has been around since 2002, but its developers have thankfully kept it alive long enough for its avid fans to experience it in virtual reality. Aside from becoming VR-compatible, the cult classic now includes more setup options, allowing you to customize your car for rallycross or drifting. 

Additional features include wider steering angles, more accurate data tracking and a new alternate configuration in the setup screen. You can also try hard track racing on narrower tires and change your tires without having to repair your ride.

Configure your Meta Quest to begin playing. Go to Options > View > 3D. Switch the VP system to OpenVR, then hit OK. That should do it! If this Oculus driving simulator setup didn’t do the trick, contact the Meta help desk to troubleshoot.

Last Chance to Play VR Racing Games on Meta Quest

Sadly, Meta has stopped selling Oculus Quest. Meta Horizon Home’s social features have been off-limits to Quest 1 users since March 5, 2023.  Mark Zuckerberg and Co. have scheduled the legendary headset’s end of support after 2024 — the end of an era. Its days are numbered, so relish the best Oculus Quest racing games while you still can.

Originally posted 8/25/2021 — Updated 1/18/2024

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