15 Bar Tricks That’ll Win You a Free Beer

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Want to impress your friends and win a free beer? Try out these bar tricks the next time you hit up the local pub.

1. Free Drink Lottery

Bet your buddies that you can pick your name out of a hat every time. Write one friend’s name at the top of a sheet of paper, yours in the middle and another friend’s at the bottom. Rip into thirds and place into a container. Choose yours by feeling for the paper with two rough edges instead of one.

2. Dime Drop

The goal of this trick is to move a dime into a beer bottle without touching either object. Place a playing card over the top of the bottle and a dime on top of the card. Give the corner a swift flick and let gravity do the rest.

3. Spin the Straw

Grab a bottle of beer and a plastic straw and bet the person next to you that you can spin the straw on top of the bottle without touching it. Then, rub the straw on your clothes, place it atop the bottle and move your finger around the straw. The static friction alone should be enough to spin it, making it one of the easiest bar tricks.

4. Blow-Up Dime

Bet someone that you can remove a dime from a shot glass without touching either item. Then, give the dime a quick, hard blow. When it pops out, they must fill that glass with your favorite liquor.

5. Imploding Star

Break five toothpicks in half, leaving them only slightly connected at their breaking points. Arrange them to form a 10-point star. Then, bet everyone that you can turn it into a five-point star without touching it. Make sure the broken parts are touching one another. Release a drop of water into the center and watch them expand to form five points.

6. Snifter Switch

Make a bet that you can move an olive into another glass using only a snifter. Place the snifter over the olive and spin it around the olive until the centrifugal force drags the olive up inside the glass. Continue to spin it as you lift up the glass and dump the olive into another one.

7. Water to Whiskey

Switch the contents of a shot of whiskey — one of the six base liquors — with a shot of water. Place a playing card over one shot, tip both over and place on top of the other shot. Slide the card out until there’s a small space for the liquid to intermingle. Eventually, the liquids will switch places.

8. Cigarette Bender

Bet a buddy you can bend his cig in half without breaking it. Then, roll it in a dollar bill and fold it in half. Unroll the bill to reveal the unbroken cigarette and collect your free beer. It’s one of those time-honored bar tricks for a free Bud.

9. A Bill and a Bottle

If you can move a dollar bill from under an upside-down bottle, you win another beer. Roll the bill towards the bottle, pushing the bottle off as you roll.

10. Napkin Knotter

Bet someone that you can tie a knot in a napkin without letting go of either end. Then, cross your arms in front of your chest, grab an end of the napkin with each hand and unfold your arms to tie a knot. You win a beer!

11. Balancing Act

The guys will have to buy you a beer when you balance a pint on a dime. Place the bottom edge of the glass at a 45-degree angle in the deep engraving behind Roosevelt’s neck. Then, slowly let go and astound everyone in the bar.

12. Tuck and Roll

Balance a glass on your forehead and drink it without using your hands to move it. How? lay down on the floor and roll backward, grabbing the pint with your knees along the way. Then, drink that beer like the winner you are!

13. Triple Glass Balance

Balance three empty pints on top of one another without stacking them. Place the second glass on top at 10 o’clock and the third on top of the second at 2 o’clock. If all goes well, they should balance perfectly, earning you a drink.

14. Utensil Balance

Defy gravity by balancing a spoon and fork on the edge of a glass using a toothpick. Hook the spoon and fork together so the first and last tines overlap the spoon. Place one end of a toothpick through the middle tines and the other end on the edge of a glass and balance the apparatus there.

15. Take Off Your Coat

Bet your buddy that he can’t take off his coat by himself. When he goes to do so, take yours off with him. Easy win!

Find a New Audience

Of course, you can only use these bar tricks once each to get free drinks from people. After that, you’ll have to find a new audience. So don’t hesitate to try them out on the guy sitting next to you. Odds are good you’ll impress them, and they’ll buy you a round!

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