10 Fun At Home Date Ideas


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At-home date ideas are underrated. A perfect doesn’t have to be expensive or take place in a romantic public setting. Sometimes it’s better and safer to stay home with your significant other. Here are ten relaxing at-home date ideas to try on the days you want to stay inside.

1. Movie Night

Movie night is the traditional at-home date idea, and why wouldn’t it be? You get to lounge with your spouse for a few hours, have some snacks and watch an entertaining film. Of course, the film you choose plays a significant role in the date’s atmosphere. Action and comedy movies keep things light and upbeat, while dramas and classic movies are more romantic.

We recommend you take the initiative and choose a film you’ve already watched but your spouse hasn’t seen yet (or vice versa). You can answer any questions they have and enjoy their reactions as the movie progresses. This fun dichotomy will help you make playful banter and keep things interesting.

Anyway, movie date nights aren’t popular because we appreciate the subtleties of filmmaking. They’re popular because the environment relaxes both parties and often leads to romantic encounters, sometimes before the movie ends. The suggestive phrase “Netflix and chill” is evidence enough.

2. Cook-Off

If you and your spouse enjoy cooking, plan a cook-off to see who really runs the kitchen. It can be a three-course meal, baked goods or any entree that comes to mind. You could even recreate a cooking competition show and assign each other timed cooking challenges to increase the intensity.

Whatever you decide to cook, the only requirement is that you eat the meals, even if they didn’t turn out how you wanted. This raises the stakes, making victory sweeter and defeat sourer. Things might get heated in the kitchen, but you can relax over some home-cooked meals afterward and potentially earn bragging rights over your spouse.

3. DIY Project

Every couple has a home DIY project they’ve been ignoring. Use your at-home date idea as an opportunity to complete that project. The work will go faster with two people, and you can learn more about your property together as you go. 

Most importantly, the project will bring you closer together. Through hard work and collaboration, you will learn more about each other and form a closer bond. There might be some bickering over design ideas, but even those moments strengthen your relationship in the long run.

4. Beer and Wine Tasting

Few things are more fun than getting intoxicated with your significant other (assuming you’re at least 21). You can accomplish that feat and learn more about alcohol with a beer/wine tasting date. This at-home date idea is straightforward: buy an assortment of beer and wine, drink it and compare the tastes. 

No structure or formalities are required for your tasting session. After all, that’s probably why you chose to stay home in the first place. Sip and enjoy the beverages as you please. You’ll get thoroughly drunk and might find some new favorite drinks along the way.

5. Home Mixology

Another drinking endeavor you might consider is a home mixology session. Buy your favorite spirits and mixers and go crazy with the combinations. You and your spouse will have lots of fun experimenting and might hit a home run with a delicious new mixed drink. Worst case scenario, you get hammered and order take-out.

There are no rules or requirements, but our only suggestion is to stay mindful of your hydration. Liquor is a different animal compared to beer and wine. Drink plenty of water to prolong the date and keep things fun.

6. Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Health and fitness are important, but it’s okay if you indulge yourself once in a while. You and your significant other can put together an ice cream sundae bar for your at-home date. Choose your favorite ice creams and toppings and make each other a custom sundae. 

You might not feel comfortable pigging out in front of your spouse at first, but you’ll soon realize that they feel the same way. Once you put those feelings aside, you will feel more relaxed and trusting around each other.

7. Breakfast in Bed

The traditional breakfast in bed is supposed to be a surprise, but why not turn it into a planned at-home date? Make a big breakfast together and enjoy the fruits of your labor in the comfort of your bed. You will start the morning on a high note and leave the rest of the day for other activities out of the house.

You might need to wash the linens and vacuum the bedroom floor afterward, but who cares? A little bit of cleanup is a small price to pay for a fun morning with your favorite person.

8. Board Game Faceoff

This is one of the most controversial at-home date ideas for one simple reason. Board games often bring out the worst in us. They cause us to get overly competitive and lash out at our loved ones, creating feuds that last for years. We can’t guarantee that these things won’t happen on your date, but the tension and excitement are too alluring to ignore. 

There are many couples-friendly board games available for you to try, but we suggest keeping things simple on your first board game date with classics like Battleship and chess. You will avoid arguments about complex rules and can focus on enjoying your spouse’s company.

9. Couples Workout

If you and your spouse like to stay active, a couples workout could be the perfect at-home date. Get together your spare workout equipment and create a home gym setup for the occasion. You can follow a home workout video or create your own routine from scratch.

A workout is a surprisingly romantic experience for couples. You support each other and push your physical boundaries, improve together and develop a shared passion for the same hobby. Plus, if the workout isn’t strenuous enough, you can always take it to the bedroom.

10. Virtual Events

Many people started doing virtual dates out of necessity when COVID-19 began, but there are still many virtual events for couples to enjoy. For example, Airbnb Online Experiences has virtual museum tours, light shows and more. Online music performances are also easy to find. Watch them on the couch with your spouse instead of going out for an expensive dinner.

Staying Home? Make it a Date

Fancy restaurants, concerts and movie theaters might be fun dates, but none of those places are better than your home because your home is 100% unique. These at-home date ideas will keep your relationship fresh without overpaying for extravagant dates. Stay home with your significant other and let loose!

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