6 Beard Styles For Bald Men

Man with beard lifting his arm.

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Whether going bald is your choice or not, you can still rock a killer beard. If you are one of the many guys who embrace being bald, you can focus on how your beard looks. Your facial hair can change the look of your face and provide a distraction from your lack of hair. There are endless options to choose from to soften your fully bald look. Here are six beard styles for bald men. 

1. Well Lined

A well-lined beard is a fresh look keeping you put together. It is short but also long enough to make sure it is full. Pay attention to the neck and cheek area since it is important to keep them fresh for this look. This style thrives from the upkeep that the razors sharp lines create. The edges make the lines pop and frame your face. 

2. Classic Goatee

Choosing a goatee is a traditional look man bald men choose. It is a simple and classic look that pretty much anyone can rock. The goatee is easy to shape and maintain, so if you don’t have time to keep up with your beard, this may be the perfect option. To get the look, keep hair confined to the chin and mustache with thicker lines that connect them. Although the choice is yours, the length is usually short overall. 

3. Shaggy-ish 

If you want a longer beard, it will require more maintenance but it is worth the look. The longer your beard, the more you need to make sure it is clean since bacteria and dirt can get trapped in it. Having a slightly shaggy beard means you need to let it grow out. Since it is a shaggy beard, there is not much other maintenance besides keeping it clean.  

The standard shape is longer on the chin with short sides. It does not have fine lines, but you can trim it every once in a while to keep it even. This beard looks great with a bald head or a short buzz cut. 

4. Couple Day Stubble  

The stubbly beard look is a signature go-to for many bald men. This is an easy look to get since all you have to do is shave completely and then ditch the razor for a couple of days. Once it gets to the length you prefer, trim it to the desired length. If you aren’t completely bald, this is an excellent option since it blends into the stubble on your head, creating an even look all around. 

5. Bushy Beard

The bushy beard look requires commitment, patience and time. This look takes a while to grow out, with lots of trimming and upkeep for the shape. You can personalize this look by deciding if you want to keep your mustache short or let it grow out more. 

6. Rough and Controlled

This style is in the middle of rough and controlled, giving a somewhat rebelled look. There’s a visible goatee that is shaped and left to grow longer. There is no smooth shaving since the remaining area of the jawline is stubbly and growing out. It gives a bold goatee with a shadowy-looking stubble around the jawline. 

Try the Bald With a Beard Look

When choosing a new look, there is no shortage of beard styles. No matter what suits your style best, it is sure to make a statement.  

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