Beard vs Clean Shave

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Ah, the age-old question: should I shave my beard or grow it out? Many a man has asked himself the same thing. And, depending on where their age, profession and preferences, the answer may change. Thus, choosing one look over another may be quite difficult. However, taking a closer look at the beard vs clean shave debate may help you solve this conundrum — at least for now.

Shaving It Off

Whether you have a spattering of stubble or a full-length beard, you’ve probably considered shaving it off from time to time. Maybe you’ve heard that ladies love a clean-shaven man, or maybe you think it’ll get you a job interview. Regardless of whether these sentiments are true, it’s important to consider a few legitimate pros and cons to getting rid of your scruff before putting a razor to your face. 

Makes You Look Younger

If you’re an older gentleman that wouldn’t mind looking a bit younger, shedding the salt and pepper beard is the quickest way to do it. Shave off a few years and embrace a healthier, more youthful look by going clean-shaven. A regular skincare routine may also help minimize fine lines and wrinkles so your face grows even more attractive over time. 

Easier to Manage 

A hairless face is also easier to manage because, well, there’s nothing there to manage! Say goodbye to brushing, trimming, shampooing and conditioning. All you have to do now is wash, exfoliate, moisturize and maintain a shaving routine to keep your bristles at bay. Purchasing fewer facial products also saves time and money, which is always a plus for a busy man like yourself. 

Feels More Hygienic

Beards can harbor billions of pathogenic microorganisms — not to mention dust, food and bacteria. In fact, bearded men have even more microbes than dogs’ fur. Thus, maintaining a clean-shaven face may be more hygienic than growing facial hair. Having fewer follicles also scrubbing, cleansing and moisturizing easier, which helps you eliminate dead skin cells and oily buildup. 

Makes for Better Kissing

Whether women find bearded or beardless men more attractive, most would still prefer to kiss a hairless gentleman. After all, no one wants a mustache in their mouth or beard hairs in their nose when they’re doing a bit of passionate necking. Even if your mane is clean and presentable, it may irritate your partner’s skin and become a major turn-off. Therefore, it may be best to kiss your whisker goodbye, especially if you’re in the market for smooches. 

Growing a Beard 

Growing a beard may take more time and effort, but men who take pride in the process don’t seem to mind. All that hard work is worth is when they have a lumberjack-worthy bush to show off. Aside from the pride that comes with growing a full beard, there are a handful of advantages to setting the razor aside and letting your follicles flourish. 

Makes You Look Older

While older gentlemen may prefer to shave their facial hair to look more youthful, the opposite is true for many young people. Guys under the age of 30 might actually prefer to look older than they are. Luckily, adding a goatee or even a five o’clock shadow to your ensemble may help them do just that. 

Looks More Trustworthy

Some industries may not allow you to have a beard, including food service and hospitality. However, others may actually prefer that you grow one. According to studies, facial hair can cause clientele to perceive you as more trustworthy, boosting sales and overall customer satisfaction. Therefore, if your boss advises you to put the razor down, you might do well to listen. 

Protects Your Face 

If you take good care of your whiskers, they can actually do your face some good. During the colder months, those little hairs will keep your face warm and protect it from windburn. Additionally, the increased sebum production will keep your skin from becoming dry and flaky, which can prevent redness and itchiness year-round. 

Offers Variety 

One of the biggest advantages of having a beard is that there are so many styles to choose from. With a clean-shaven face, you only have one look. However, with a beard, you can choose any variation of goatee, mustache, sideburn, stubble or scruff. Then, when you run out of styles, you can start dying your beard in different colors! Your options are practically endless. 

Beard vs Clean Shave: Choosing the Right Look 

So, should you grow a beard or leave your chin bare? Ultimately, the choice is yours. However, weighing the pros and cons and analyzing your lifestyle can help you find a style that’s right for you. And, if it turns out you don’t like your beard — or lack thereof — you can always change your mind and try something else. No harm, no foul.

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