10 Best Cigar Brands for New Smokers

Cigars on cigar pouch.

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As with any new hobby, finding your favorite brands and products is a time-consuming process. This fact is especially true for cigar smoking. There are hundreds of brands and cigar varieties, so it can be easy for newbies to get overwhelmed. Save yourself some time and check out these ten best cigar brands for new smokers.

1. Macanudo Cafe

Macanudo’s are some of the best mild cigars on the market. They originate from the Dominican Republic and usually come in claro or natural Connecticut shade wrappers. Its main flavors are coffee and nutmeg – two staples of Dominican cigars. You can get them at any smoke shop for up to $13. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a place that sells them for half as much.

2. Acid

The budget-friendly Acid is the most popular infused cigar brand in the world, always packing a punch with multiple unique flavors. You might find traces of coffee, cream, cinnamon, salt and many others on the flavor wheel. But don’t let the flavors intimidate you – Acids are as mellow as they come. The blended tobacco and sweet Sumantran wrappers make for a soothing smoke, no matter your experience level.

3. Romeo y Julieta

Cuba has produced many top-tier cigars, but the best Cuban cigar brand for new smokers is probably Romeo y Julieta. The Reserva Real blend is a great option, containing both Nicaraguan and Dominican long-filler tobaccos that create a distinct toasted nut flavor with a mildly spicy aftertaste. 

So, you might be wondering, “how is it Cuban?” Due to strict Cuban laws, cigar manufacturers have to make traditionally Cuban brands in other countries. All cigars made in Cuba must stay in Cuba, barring special permission from the state. That’s why you might hear people call the Romeo y Julieta a “Cuban legacy” cigar, since it’s technically not made on the island.

4. Montecristo

Montecristo is another famous Cuban legacy cigar. While the Romeo y Julieta had spicy notes to mirror its name, the Montecristo is a sweet cigar with hints of cedar, grass and other vegetal notes. It also comes in several different shapes, so the prices vary from 10 to $20. We recommend that beginners try the Montecristo No. 2, a classic claro torpedo.

5. Ashton Classic

The Ashton Classic is as smooth as a cigar can get. It contains a blend of numerous Dominican tobaccos that create a sweet and nutty flavor. Some have described a creme brulee flavor as well. This cigar is like a tasty dessert rolled up into a golden-bond Connecticut shade wrapper. It’s one of the best cigar brands for new smokers who enjoy the exotic flavors of vapes and other nicotine products.

6. Oliva Connecticut Reserve

Oliva is perhaps the spiciest cigar brand on this list, but that’s not saying much. It still falls between the mild to medium range, and you should have little issue handling the peppery aftertaste. You might also notice hints of coffee and cedar to balance out the spice. We recommend that beginners try this Nicaraguan cigar with a cold glass of light beer.

7. San Cristobal Elegencia

San Cristobal is another Nicaraguan cigar that’s great for new smokers. Every unit gets produced in the small town of Esteli, so you know you’re getting some quality tobacco. It comes in six different shapes, but the flavors are consistently earthy and vegetal. The touch of white pepper puts it into the medium range, while the creamy aroma smells pleasant even for non-smokers. It’s also cheap across the board, costing no more than $8 in most stores.

8. Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva

Arturo Fuente’s handmade Dominican cigars never last long on store shelves. They sell out quickly because of their affordability and unique design. Each unit has a slightly different tobacco blend, but the red, green and gold cigar band always stands out first. You can expect a medium potency with some coffee and nutmeg mixed in – a standard Dominican flavor combo.

9. La Aroma De Cuba

La Aroma De Cuba is the third Cuban legacy cigar on this list. The other two had distinct flavors, but this brand is more of a mixed bag. You’ll find earthy flavors like cedar, tea and brown sugar. The Connecticut Breadloaf wrapper also has a unique aged style and chocolatey coloring, adding another layer of sophistication to the cigar. You can get the smallest option for just $5.

10. Rocky Patel American Market Selection

Rocky Patel is the only Honduran cigar brand to make the list. Honduras is typically known for its bold and spicy cigars, but this brand takes a more mellow approach. It has basic earthy flavors that are perfect for beginner smokers. It’s also among the best cigar brands that boast a special American variety. Keep your eye out for the trademark black and gold cigar band.

Stick With the Basics

When you’re first starting to smoke cigars, it’s best to stick with basic flavors. Don’t go overboard with anything too spicy or nicotine-heavy. If you do, you’re asking to get sick. Besides, the best cigar brands vary from person to person. Everyone has different tastes and preferences. Find a simple flavor that works for you and expand your palette from there.

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