Decor Ideas for Your Bedroom: 7 Simple Suggestions

Nov 13, 2019

Men's bedroom

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Striking a balance between tasteful and masculine is a challenge that many guys face. It almost seems like “tasteful” and “masculine” are at odds with one another, given the lack of subtlety in most men’s decor. That’s why we’ve assembled a list of decor ideas for your bedroom.

By checking out the projects and suggestions below, you’ll see that interior design and masculinity are perfectly compatible. It just takes a little finessing. With that in mind, here are seven ideas for a manly bedroom that doesn’t go overboard with the testosterone.

1. Choose Cool, Dark Colors

We don’t recommend going with the subterranean look. Black on black is a little gaudy in a bedroom. Instead, choose some deep gray tones to complement with earth tones like olive and dark brown.

Navy is another selection that you can rely on and that won’t be too eclectic. If you’re feeling like something a little more colorful, consider using deep purple, burgundy or British racing green. These accent hues will give the space some character, and they’ll match well with dark gray and black shades.

2. Think Simple and Functional

You can achieve a very clean and masculine aesthetic by keeping things simple. Your bed frame, for example, doesn’t need to be overwrought with lots of shelving and decorative elements. Instead, choose something elegant, and keep the bedding to a basic color palette, using some accents in the pillows.

Complement this setup with other furniture that focuses on functional design. A touch of leather on your reading chair or some well-placed plaid in the throw on your bed might be all the styling you need to put the icing on an otherwise simple cake.

3. Remember That It’s Not a Man Cave

Avoid putting images of your favorite sports figures or teams on the wall. Don’t focus outright on making the space dark either — darker colors are fine, but ideally, you should have a source of natural light.

This lighting can make your bedroom space dynamic and will play nicely with the neutral color palette, making it feel welcoming during the day and personal and private at night. If you do incorporate wall decorations, consider some simple abstract paintings or photography that matches the neutral color palette.

4. Use Wood and Stone

The use of too many textures can make your space too busy, so save the wainscoting for your bar or game room. Do, however, make use of stained hardwoods and stone to add some mystery and masculine appeal.

A stone backing against your simple bed frame, for example, can do a lot to set off the look of some nice textured wood flooring. Perhaps you could accent it with a simple area rug that draws colors from both the walls and floor, bringing everything together.

5. If You’ve Got a View, Flaunt It

Not only do windows give you that lovely natural light you’re looking for, but they can also add a stylistic element to your space by bringing what’s outside in.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a view out to the ocean, the forest or a scenic mountain valley, by all means, show it off. This is where being a homeowner is a huge advantage.

You can knock down old walls and install a large picture window to really take advantage of the natural beauty. Add some curtains that align with your color selections, and you’ll be living in style.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Go Bold

“Simple” doesn’t have to mean “boring.” You can entertain the senses with some tastefully bold decorative choices, such as a powerfully colorful piece of wall art or a particularly eye-catching ceramic piece on your desk.

Don’t be afraid to add some indoor plants, which will make the space breathe better. It’ll add to a nature-inspired green and brown color palette. Plants will also contrast well with grays and blacks.

Bright wall art and decorative pieces stand out well against a black backdrop, so keep this option in mind if you want to go for a more dramatic feel.

7. Get Industrial

Using metal and stone fixtures for lighting, furniture and shelving can give a space a trendy, masculine flavor. Consider steampunk-style lamps to illuminate the space, or use metal piping on the wall in a functional manner.

Old-fashioned light bulbs in ceiling fixtures can contribute to this look, but make sure you get the kind with a visible filament. Be a little more reserved with this style since it has a heavy impact.

Decor Ideas for Your Bedroom

You’ll spend a third of your life sleeping, most of the time in the comfort of your own bedroom. Because of this, it’s important to get the look and feel of the space right. You want to be comfortable, at peace and relaxed. You also want your bedroom to look presentable for the occasional guest.

These decor ideas for your bedroom should be enough to get you thinking. With some carefully considered investments and a little ingenuity, you’ll have a space you can be proud of and happy to come home to at night — and one that won’t let you down if you need to show off.  

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