7 Hacks for Texturizing Men’s Hair

Texturized hair.

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Have you been cursed with flat hair? Maybe it sticks straight out. Either way, getting it to look fuller and thicker could be a major struggle for you. Texturizing men’s hair is often more difficult than women’s hair. Luckily, you can increase volume and even improve your overall appearance by adding some texture. 

Use the seven style hacks below to add shape and dimension, whatever your current do might look like. 

1. Style with Sea Salt Spray 

Whether your hair is thick and heavy or thin and oily, sea salt spray is sure to boost volume and add texture. Simply spray the solution on your roots and tousle with your fingers to create a beachy, wavy texture. The smaller sections you twist, tousle and crunch, the wavier your hair will be. 

Because sea salt can dry out your hair, it’s best not to use it on a daily basis. If you do, invest in a deep conditioner to rehydrate your locks and prevent breakage. 

2. Try Volumizing Mousse 

Mousse is another product that you can use to texturize your strands. Similar to sea salt spray, this product will add volume and make your hair look thicker and fuller. Look for a mousse that defines or enhances curls and work the product into dry hair to achieve your desired look. 

If the product makes your hair look wet, try diffusing it with a blow dryer. This will make your tresses look wavier and a bit less crunchy. 

3. Play with Hair Clay

Texturizing men’s hair is almost impossible when the patterns are inconsistent. One part is wavy and the other is straight. Perhaps you have a stubborn cowlick or two on your noggin. Either way, playing with a bit of hair clay may help you embrace the messy look. Work the product into your roots, starting in the back of your head. 

Clay is lighter than gels and pomades, which means it’s great for adding volume without weighing your strands down. Play around with different application techniques until you find one that works with your natural style. 

4.  Use Dry Shampoo 

Odds are you’ve been told to use hairspray to lift your roots. However, dry shampoo is actually more effective at adding volume and texture to your hair. This product often contains ingredients like alcohol and starch to soak up grease and make your strands look fluffier. 

Apply a product to your roots and tousle them with your fingers to add extra texture and volume. Avoid overusing dry shampoo as it can dry out your hair and make it more vulnerable to breakage.  

5. Blow Dry Your Locks

If you’ve used all of the above products to no avail, try adding some heat to the mix. A blow dryer is a perfect solution to flat, stubborn locks. Simply apply the texturizing product, flip your head upside down and give your hair a blast of hot air. If your hair is short, you can stay upright and comb upwards and backward for more volume. 

You can use a blow dryer sans product, too, using the same method. If your hair is naturally curly, use a diffuser to minimize frizz and keep your natural waves in place. 

6. Keep a Comb Handy

Whether you have straight or curly hair, keeping a comb handy can help you add a bit of texture at home and on the go. Because your scalp is constantly producing sebum, your roots can get oily and heavy over the course of a few days — or maybe even a few hours. Aside from applying dry shampoo, combing against the grain can add volume and hide greasy hair. 

Hold your locks straight up and use a fine-tooth comb to repeatedly brush them from top to bottom or towards your scalp. Work in small sections and stay close to the roots, working underneath your strands to add a hint of volume and texture. 

7. Get a Different Hair Cut 

Perhaps you’ve tried every trick in the book to make your hair more voluminous and textured. If you’re still at a loss, getting a different haircut might be your final option. 

Ask your barber to give you layers the next time you go in for a trim or choose a cut that adds natural texture to your hair, like a cropped fade. You need at least three to four inches on top to get a decent cut. Your hairdresser may also recommend products that’ll work best with your new do. 

Know Your Hair, Get More Texture

Texturizing men’s hair requires an innate understanding of the hair’s anatomy. Inspect your locks to determine whether they’re straight, curly, kinky, flat, heavy, greasy or dry. Take your cowlicks and current hairstyle into consideration, too. Which type of product would highlight your strengths and cover up weaknesses? Would a different cut or style look better with your natural hair? Take a good look in the mirror. The answers are there somewhere. 

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