How to Improve Your Golf Game

Golf ball near hole

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Frustration seems to be an inherent part of golf, but becoming accomplished in the sport is a good feeling. Part of the allure is the personal development required to play competitively. 

You can improve your game — it just takes effort. Don’t keep doing the same old thing, though. Instead, commit to trying new things and advance your experience on the links. As with anything, you’re going to have to get outside your comfort zone to become a better golfer

Travel to New Courses

You’re probably used to playing the local municipal course, or maybe you’ve got one at your country club. If so, you’ve already made one smart choice that will let you play more. Now, how about traveling to a friend’s favorite practice space? 

Do you travel on business? If so, bring your clubs! Make it a vacation to visit a famous course with your buddies and play there. Find opportunities to play in new settings, because these will force you to recognize the strengths of your game and where you can improve. 

Take Lessons

There’s always something more to learn in golf, which is why instructing golfers on how they can improve is an entire profession within the sport. Working with a golf pro, you will uncover things you never realized you were doing wrong. There’s so much technology out there now to help you advance your game. If you haven’t taken a lesson, it’s time to sign up for one. You’ll be impressed at how much you learn. 

Play With Others

It’s always a good idea to push yourself by playing with more advanced golfers. It might seem intimidating at first, but remember, they started in the same position you are. After a few rounds, you’ll have an idea of where their game differs from yours, and you can ask for some advice about how they improved in one area or another. 

Stay out Longer

How much golf do you play in a week? One game? Three games? Golf can be time-consuming, but if you want to be your best, you’ve got to spend more time on the links. If you’re someone who frequently walks nine or 18 holes, consider investing in a cart and tacking an additional nine or 18 holes onto your typical round. The extra swings will drastically help move your development forward. 

Practice the Short Game

Scores come down to your chips and putts. While it can be enticing to spend all your practice time at the driving range, you’d do far better to spend it at the putting green and working on short-range shots that constitute most of the game. They might be less glamorous, but they’ll have a more significant long-term impact on your scores. 

Now that you know all the secrets, you’ll be a scratch golfer in no time! Except, no, that’s probably wrong. Golf is a lifelong endeavor, and even the best golfers spend decades reinventing their swings. But you will get better, and part of the magic of the sport is the self-exploration that comes along the way. So book that next tee time today!

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