How to Order Custom Converse

Sep 30, 2022

Pair of black Converse sneakers.

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The Converse shoe brand began in 1908 and remains a staple American shoe brand over a century later. 

Customers love the shoes for their signature design and comfortable soles, with the All-Star Chuck Taylors becoming the most recognizable. 

The brand now offers the option to customize your shoes, giving you a unique pair to enjoy for years to come. Other crafters and designers also use the shoes as canvases for their work before letting you purchase them.

Here’s how to order your custom Converse. 

Converse Website

To order custom converse off the website, click on the “Custom” option at the top of the home page. You’ll see a menu open, allowing you to decorate a men’s, women’s or kids’ shoe. 

The menu will also show you featured customization options, including making matching family shoes or decorating boots. 

Once you’ve selected which category you’d like to view, you can narrow your options by choosing whether you want to customize a high top, platform, low top, boot or slip-on shoe. 

The website will present a variety of choices with different materials and patterns. You can choose to stick with one of those design templates or click on one with your preferred material and change it. 

When you choose “Edit Design,” you can change the color of the shoe, add color to its details and add patterns. Some templates allow you to select from embroideries and symbols. 

The starting price of a custom men’s or women’s high top is $85, with a custom kid’s beginning at $50. 

Nike Website 

Did you know that Nike bought the Converse brand in 2003? Thanks to their ownership, the company also offers custom converse choices on their website. 

To design your custom converse on the Nike website, you’ll first need to click on the star and arrow Converse logo on the top left of the home page. From there, the website directs you to all their available shoes for the brand, including men’s, women’s and unisex styles. 

The only custom shoes for the brand on Nike’s site are unisex high or low tops. Once you make your choice, you can begin the customization process. 

An advantage of customizing this website is the process itself. Unlike the Converse site, where you choose different options on a side menu, the Nike site lays everything out in front of you, including a large version of your shoe. The shoe then smoothly reacts to any changes you make, making the process more enjoyable. 

The cost is $85 for a custom high top from the Nike website. 


Etsy is home to various independent crafters, with several creating custom Converse shoes. Some have printed or embroidered their design, while others will print your name, message or logo onto them. 

Prices and designs vary, so it’s important to carefully browse your options to find the right custom shoe for you. 

Ordering Custom Converse 

Customizing your shoes is a great way to express yourself. There are a few different ways to make custom Converse, adding your touch to the famous style. Whether you go through the brand’s site or an independent business, you can create unique shoes to enjoy.

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