Manly Beach Drinks: 5 Easy To Make Cocktails

Man in pool with cocktail.

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Having a drink in the summer just hits different. The warm breeze and your toes in the sand can make you crave a cold cocktail. Most drinks at the beach are fruity and girly, so how do you find manly beach drinks? More importantly, what is a manly beach drink? 

What Are Manly Beach Drinks?

Often, the glass a drink comes in can make it appear more masculine. You likely can’t have glass on the beach so that all drinks will look similar. This is an exceptional concept since the gender roles assigned to alcoholic beverages don’t necessarily hold firm. 

Drinks with high alcohol content are traditionally masculine cocktails. However, you can drink whatever you want and call it whatever you want because there are no gender-specific rules regarding what drinks you can enjoy. Here are some easy-to-make, traditional manly beach drinks that anyone can enjoy on their next trip to the beach. 

1. Morrison Mule

A Moscow Mule is a delightful and refreshing cocktail that consists of vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice. A Morrison Mule is similar yet considered more masculine. Perhaps that’s because it includes bourbon, historically affiliated with masculinity. Rather than vodka, use a good bourbon like Buffalo Trace, a half ounce of lime juice, a half ounce of Peychaud’s Aperol and top it off with four ounces of ginger beer. These manly beach drinks taste crisp and refreshing while relaxing on the shore.

2. California Lemonade

Who doesn’t love lemonade on a hot summer day? A spiked lemonade is even better! California lemonade is a lovely mixed drink consisting of thirst-quenching lemonade made from lemon, lime juice and club soda. Mix your lemonade with two parts whiskey and a dash of powdered sugar and grenadine to sweeten it. You can shake the ingredients without the club soda and store it in a separate container until you get to the water and then add the club soda on top for a refreshing cocktail that packs a punch. 

3. Whiskey Smash

The Whiskey Smash is a delectable drink that will tantalize your tastebuds on a warm afternoon. To make one of these manly beach drinks, you’ll need a cocktail shaker, your choice of whiskey, mint leaves, lemon and sugar. Muddle your mint leaves with two slices of lemon and a sugar cube, and then add whiskey and ice to your concoction. Shake it up and strain the ice out until you arrive at the beach and are ready to consume this delicious cocktail. 

4. Gold Rush

A Gold Rush is a sweet and savory manly beach drink that will likely draw a crowd if you share. The recipe is simple and only involves three ingredients. It’s a potent cocktail that classifies it as manly in the traditional sense, but it has the sweetest ingredients, which makes it perfect for anyone to devour. To make this mixed drink, you’ll need whiskey, honey syrup and lemon juice. You can make the honey syrup by combining a cup of water and a cup of honey over medium heat, stirring it frequently until it’s dissolved. 

5. Navy Grog

A Navy Grog also includes honey syrup, so you could make this and Gold Rush to share with a friend on your next beach trip. Or you could enjoy having options. There are three types of rum in a Navy Grog, lime juice, grapefruit juice, honey syrup and club soda. Shake the ingredients in a cocktail shaker excluding the club soda and then top it off with a cherry garnish and club soda when you get to the beach.  

Manly Beach Drinks for Your Next Trip to the Beach 

Due to their high potency, these manly beach drinks will put hair on your chest, yet they’ll still taste delightfully refreshing. Ensure that you watch your intake since the hot weather can make you thirsty–these drinks can sneak up on you if you aren’t careful. 

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