Razer Project Hazel Mask: What You Need to Know


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Vaccines have become more widespread this year, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that fully vaccinated people still wear masks. After all, you never know the vaccination status of those around you or if they’re at an increased risk for severe COVID-19. Plus, many countries won’t have vaccines for another year or so, which means you’ll still have to travel with a facemask. Thus, most people will be strapping a mask over their nose and mouth for the foreseeable future, which is why the Razer Project Hazel mask is so relevant and timely. 

What Is a Razer Project Hazel Mask?

Every January, the Consumer Technology Association hosts the Consumer Electronics Show. While this year’s CES may have been virtual, the world’s most innovative brands still had a plethora of new concepts and products to share, including Razer’s Project Hazel. The tech company released this smart mask as a prototype but has since decided to make this concept a reality. 

It follows Razer’s 2020 commitment to manufacture face masks using existing production facilities and even offer them through Singapore vending machines. Now, the product is nearly ready to launch and thousands of people are looking to get their hands on it. If you’re hoping to do the same, here’s everything you need to know about Project Hazel. 

A New Standard of Safety 

Project Hazel is a surgical N95 respirator. This type of mask that filters out 95% of airborne particles, including the coronavirus. An air-tight seal prevents any air from leaking in while also optimizing air flow and bacterial filtration efficiency protects against large droplets and splashes. These high-tech masks also come with a special charging case lined with UV light interior, which effectively kills viruses and bacteria. 

Of course, Razer will need to ear approval and certifications from the Food and Drug Administration, the CDC or the Occupatonal Sfety and Health Administration before it can distribute masks. However, they’re already well on their way to making it happen. 

Share Your Smile

Many people dislike masks because they can’t show off their pearly whites or see their friend smile. Face masks may have become the norm in recent months and many people are engaging in social events while wearing one. However, the barrier that protects us has also added a barrier of communication in the deaf and hard of hearing community, who often rely on lip-reading to listen.  

Luckily, Razer’s Project Hazel has solved this dilemma with a clear, transparent design. Each mask also features low-light mode, which uses automatic interior lights to illuminate your face when it’s dark. This way, you can communicate effectively and share your smile with passersby. They’ll also look great when you’re on a date with your partner.

Make Your Voice Heard

If you’ve ever pulled your face mask down so someone could hear you speak, you’ve probably put yourself at risk for contracting COVID-19. Razer offers a solution to this dilemma — masks with voice amp technology. A built-in mic and amplifier combo ensure your speech isn’t muffled or difficult to discern when you’re wearing a mask. This way, you can speak up and make your voice heard without risking you or others’ health. 

Durable and Sustainable

Single-use masks and gloves are piling up in our oceans and wreaking havoc on fragile ecosystems and wildlife. In an effort to minimize this pollution, you might consider donning a reusable Project Hazel mask. The waterproof, scratch-resistant mask is made of recycled plastic and has a long-lasting battery for all-day use. Swap out the filters to maintain its BFE rating and protect yourself without using yet another blue and white facemask. 

Built for Maximum Comfort 

If you want to protect yourself without sacrificing comfort, a Project Hazel mask might be the perfect solution. It’s silicone guard sits snugly around your face and the spacious interior ensures the plastic doesn’t rest on your mouth so you can talk naturally. Plus, each one comes with adjustable ear loops to minimize temporomanddibular joint pain and maximize comfort. 

The mask can also be custom-made to fit your unique face shape and provide a secure seal around your air passages. Personalize your mask by choosing from 16.8 million colors and various iconic effects so you can stand out while you’re masked up. 

Ordering Your Mask

Razer is currently working on mass producing the Project Hazel smart face masks, so they aren’t available quite yet. However, you should be able to finally get your hands on one of these innovative masks by the third quarter of 2021. Until then, you can sign up for notifications on their website and stock up on a variety of high-quality cloth masks the brand is already offering.   

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