The Best 5 Yard Games for Weddings

Aug 22, 2022

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Your wedding is a special day for you and your loved ones to celebrate the start of your married life. If you have an outdoor venue, you should consider incorporating some of the following yard games for weddings.

Yard games are played outside and are a great way to break the ice between different friends and family members. They also make for fun photo opportunities. 

You can customize these games with your names, wedding colors or guest messages. Every time you play the game afterward will be a sweet reminder of your special day. 

There are many yard games on the market, from simple to complicated. Choose games your guests will likely know how to play or aren’t challenging to learn. You could even make signs explaining the rules to display beside them. 

While fun, the many options can become another overwhelming decision. We’ve narrowed down the five best yard games for weddings. 

1. Cornhole

Starting this list off is a bag toss for grownups, and it’s a lot of fun! Cornhole is a classic for tailgates and family reunions and is also an excellent yard game for your big day. 

If you’ve never played, the rules are pretty simple. The boards need to be 27 feet apart, and one team stands at each one. Groups take turns tossing their bags at the other board. If a bag goes through the center hole, they get three points. The team receives one point if the bag lands on the board without going through. The first group to 21 points wins. 

Cornhole can serve as an icebreaker between the different families by having them compete. You can also get customized cornhole boards that people can write well-wishes on. 

2. Giant Jenga

Get conversations going during cocktail hour by introducing your wedding guests to giant Jenga. 

In the classic table game times 10, the large pieces are stacked until they form a tower. A player has to remove a block and place it on top without knocking it over. The game ends when the structure falls. 

A giant Jenga game almost serves as another decoration as the crisscrossing blocks in the tower make a cool design. You could also take it a step further and customize the blocks in your wedding colors, your married last name, or facts about you and your fiancé. 

3. Ring Toss

Another classic that’s easy to make wedding-themed is a ring toss. All ages can enjoy the game by throwing oversized rings at stakes or bottles with different point values. 

Make your ring toss marriage themed by painting wine bottles for the rings to land on or using rings that resemble wedding bands. 

There are different versions of the game. However, the main things to remember are the rings need to be able to go onto the stake or bottle, and the easier “ringers” are worth fewer points than harder ones. 

4. Connect Four

Another table game super-sized for the yard is Connect Four. The game involves a vertical board with slots featuring round holes. There are flat, round pieces that, when dropped through the top, will land in the rounded slits. 

Like tic-tac-toe, two players or teams insert round pieces one at a time, taking turns until one team gets four in a row, whether vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Opponents want to block the other players from doing it first. 

You can purchase different sizes of this game online to suit your wedding atmosphere. A slightly smaller version of the yard game could be set onto a table to keep kids entertained during the reception. 

5. Giant Tic Tac Toe

Want to keep kids or drunk adults busy? Introduce them to giant tic tac toe!

This yard game typically has poles, hoops or ropes creating the grid and giant “x” and “o” pieces to place accordingly. This is a yard game you’ll want to ensure you have the proper space before making or purchasing. However, the bigger it is, the more fun it becomes. 

As always, one player takes the “x” pieces and the other takes the “o.” Whoever gets three in a row first wins. 

Try These Yard Games for Weddings

There are many things to consider when planning your wedding day, and figuring out how to entertain your guests may not be your priority. However, yard games are a great way for guests to enjoy the fresh air and get to know one another. You and your new spouse can join in the fun for a time full of laughter and celebration.

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