5 Types of Mustaches to Try Out in 2024


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Some men have a hard time growing facial hair, while others can grow a full beard and mustache in a matter of months. Regardless of how long it takes to grow facial hair, it can be even more challenging to decide how you want to style it. 

With so many styling options to choose from, it might feel overwhelming to know which style will suit you best, especially when it comes to mustaches. There are various types of mustache styles you can experiment with to change up your appearance. 

Let’s learn a bit more about popular mustache styles and how to choose a style that best suits your face.

5 Types of Mustaches to Consider Trying

One advantage of being able to grow a full mustache or beard is that you can play around with different styles. While you may not like how you look without a mustache, just be patient! You should have some peace of mind because you know it will grow back over time.

Choosing the right type of mustache can help you feel more confident, look attractive to a potential partner and elevate your whole appearance. Many well-known celebrities rock mustaches — think of Jeff Foxworthy or Hulk Hogan. These celebs are known for their ‘staches, which makes it hard to imagine what they’d look like without one.

Without further ado, here are five types of mustaches you may want to try out.

1. Chevron

Many people consider the chevron mustache to be simple, elegant and manly. Henry Cavill, who plays DC’s Superman, and Chris Evans, who plays Marvel’s Captain America, go with the chevron mustache look, and who wouldn’t want to look like those guys? 

The Chevron requires little to no maintenance and it’s a popular style choice. Tom Selleck is another famous celebrity who pulls off the iconic chevron look. 

2. Horseshoe

As mentioned above, Hulk Hogan’s signature look is his horseshoe mustache. This style rose to prominence in the 1960s and is sometimes referred to as the biker mustache. It’s full across the top lip and extends down the sides of the mouth towards the chin. 

Depending on how your facial hair grows, it may take a while for you to have enough hair to shape it into a horseshoe style. You may want to grow a full beard first, shave the majority of your chin and shape your mustache hair to match the look.

3. Pencil

A pencil mustache is a super-thin strip of hair with a bit of space above your lip and under your nose. It should not be the most dominant feature of your face, but it shouldn’t be so thin that you can barely see it, either. The Weeknd and Will Smith have shown off pencil mustaches in recent years, so it’s certainly “in style” if you care about that sort of thing.

If you want to be precise with your trimming, try using a straight razor to make a pencil mustache. It will give you greater control and help you achieve the thin straight lines you’re looking for.

4. Handlebar

The handlebar mustache does require more maintenance, so it’s more time-consuming compared to other styles. However, a properly trimmed handlebar mustache with twirled edges can show off your personality. You’ll need to let your mustache grow, especially by the corners of the mouth.

The longer you let your mustache grow, the more you’ll be able to twirl the edges. One MLB player, Rollie Fingers, was known for his memorable handlebar mustache. 

5. Mustache-Goatee Combo

To see exactly what a mustache-goatee combination can do for you, look no further than Michael B. Jordan. Jordan has used this combo for years now, and many agree that he’s a fairly good-looking guy. Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio also rock this look.

Try to grow in a traditional mustache, but keep it trimmed and clean. Grow out a beard and shave it down into a goatee. To match this look, make sure your beard and mustache do not touch.

Determining a Mustache Style 

To help decide which mustache style suits you best, you may want to take a look at your face shape. We all have different face shapes, some wider or longer than others. Here are some basic shapes and mustache styles that work best together:

  • Oval: An oval face shape typically means you have a well-proportioned face. If the hair on your upper lip is coarse, you can try out any style. If it grows patchy, try out a pencil mustache, but you may need to spend more time with maintenance to keep the lines clean.
  • Square: With a square face shape, you likely have a strong jawline and angular features. Try experimenting with a classic Chevron mustache. Based on your square face, most mustache styles will look good on you.
  • Diamond: It’s best to go for a minimal mustache style if you have a diamond-shaped face. Go for a pencil mustache so it doesn’t draw too much attention to your jaw.
  • Oblong: An oblong face is a bit longer and more narrow. It’s common for people with this face shape to go for the traditional Handlebar look. Add some character by twirling the ends and you’ll stand out from the crowd.
  • Round: You likely have wide cheekbones and a broad jawline. You may want to choose a horseshoe-style mustache, but try to avoid letting it get bushy around your lips. Aim for a mustache that sits a bit lower toward your mouth.
  • Triangular: You may have a smaller jawline with a triangular face shape, so you wouldn’t want a mustache that accentuates your chin. It might work best if you pair a traditional mustache with a shadow or full beard. 

Use Your Mustache to Make a Statement

Hopefully, you know more about mustache styles and which one is right for you and your face shape. Feel free to play around with different styles depending on your mood or clothing. Keep in mind that if you have a special event to attend, you may want to go for a clean, refined look. At the end of the day, that ‘stache is yours, so own it. 

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