What to Do on a Dinner Date for Two

Two people on a dinner date.

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Going on dates can be a little anxiety-inducing, especially if you haven’t gone on many in your life. Whether you’re having a date night with your spouse or meeting someone for the first time, a dinner date for two is the best way to spend time with your sweetheart. Here are all the steps you need to know to ensure your date goes smoothly.

1. Choose the Venue

The most important part of setting a scene for a night out is choosing where to take your date. You have several options, but it all depends on what you and your date prefer. Going on a first date with somebody is your chance to put your best foot forward and show them why you would make a great potential partner for them.

In this case, you may want to take them out to a restaurant. If you’ve been dating for a while, maybe the greater show of affection would be to take your date home and cook a meal.

2. Dress to Impress

Once you decide on your venue, you should know how to dress for your big date. The venue will help you decide whether you should dress up or down, but you should always dress to impress. No matter how formal or casual you look, you want to ensure that you look nice.

Make sure to take care of your hygiene beforehand and get the wrinkles out of your clothes. The first impression matters a lot when you’re on a date.

3. Keep Eye Contact

A dinner date for two can be a little intimidating if you’re not good at keeping eye contact. Though it can feel daunting, eye contact is an essential part of connecting with someone. Eye contact is a form of body language that can communicate empathy or understanding to your conversation partner. 

Practice working eye contact in your conversations a few days leading up to your date. You’ll soon feel more comfortable looking people in the eye. Even if you can’t maintain eye contact for the whole date, you’ll be able to look your date in the eyes more than before — and that’s a grand achievement.

4. Turn Off Your Phone

Phones are the easiest way for people to find distractions. Cell phones can lead to distracted driving and even take your attention away from the people who deserve it most. Switch your phone to silent or do not disturb. The only time you should pick up your phone during a date is in case of an emergency. Otherwise, it communicates to your sweetheart that you’re not as interested in their company.

If the two of you know each other well, it might be more acceptable to glance at your phone now and then. Just don’t make it a habit — you still want to enjoy your date with your significant other. You might be able to use your phones to have a better time with each other, such as playing a game while you’re waiting on your food at a restaurant.

5. Mind the Menu

Make sure to choose your food carefully. If you’ve been with your significant other for a while, you may not have to watch out for certain foods. If you’re on a first date, what you choose to eat during your dinner date for two can say a lot about you. You should select something that’s easy to eat, something that won’t make a mess and threaten to ruin your clothes or the table. 

Once you’re eating, make sure to chew your food slowly. Eating too fast can lead to hiccups or indigestion. Chewing with your mouth open or talking while eating can be considered improper, so if you want to make a good impression, ensure you’re setting a good example with your eating habits.

6. Keep the Conversation Going

People hate awkward silences, and having an awkward silence during a date is a tough hurdle to jump through. Don’t shy away from small talk. Talking about the simple things can help you get to know someone better and alleviate some of the loneliness some people may feel from not having constant socialization.

Talking to someone about any topic can help them understand that you’re interested in talking to them. Some lapses in the conversation are all right, but as long as you know how to carry a talk from topic to topic, your date will appreciate the time with you.

7. Plan an Ending Time

Dates can get awkward if they go on too long, so set a sure ending time for your date. The best ending time for a dinner date is after dinner. Your activity has come to a close, so it’s only natural that you and your date should part ways after you finish eating. 

If neither of you wants your date to end directly after dinner, you can plan for something else. When dining out at a nice restaurant, you and your date can take a walk to look at the stars or see the sights in your city. If you’re at home, you have plenty of other options to keep your date going. You might set up some board games and play against each other for some friendly competition. Plus, this kind of date will allow you to see your sweetheart in a new light and know how they cope with winning and losing.

Build the Best Dinner Date for Two

Knowing how to plan a date is essential for anyone venturing into the dating pool. Even if you’ve been with your person for what feels like ages, you should be able to take them out on a date, all planning done on your part.

A dinner date for two is as simple as creating a reservation and showing up — but you have to remember to have all the right manners. Stay true to yourself by planning a date that both you and your sweetheart will enjoy, and you’ll both have a wonderful time.

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