10 Fun Outdoor Date Ideas

May 16, 2022

Man and woman having a date outdoors.

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May has arrived, which means winter has thrown its final punches and spring has officially taken over (at least for most of us). Cold weather has options too, but with plant life in full bloom and the temperature warming up, now is the perfect time to plan some outdoor activities with your significant other. Here are ten fun outdoor date ideas you should try in these warmer months!

1. Overnight Hike

Late spring is the perfect window for hiking in moderate climates throughout the world. The weather is warm enough during the day and comfortably cool at night. The trees and plants are as beautiful as ever. Plus, the bugs aren’t out of control just yet. This time of year has all the makings of a picturesque overnight trip, even for inexperienced hikers.

Find a low-difficulty trail in your area with campsites and scenic views. If the camps have shelters, you probably need to reserve a spot beforehand. Map your route and create a supply checklist together to ensure you have everything you need.

To make the trip more intimate, bring a bottle of wine and two glasses so you can enjoy a romantic dinner once you reach your campsite. Just remember to pack them carefully!

2. Outdoor Movie

Movie theaters took a huge hit from COVID-19, but they’re becoming popular again. Take your SO to an outdoor or drive-in theater to see that movie you’ve been waiting for. Bring blankets, pillows and your favorite snacks. If the theater lets you bring extra seating, pack your comfiest lawn chairs or consider smuggling in an air mattress, if you’re feeling bold.

3. Baseball Game

What better way to spend a spring afternoon than watching a baseball game? America’s pastime is the perfect sport for dates for several reasons:

  • The game is slow-paced and easy to follow for casual fans.
  • Crowds don’t get too belligerent, so you won’t feel intimidated.
  • The stadiums are more aesthetically pleasing than other sports stadiums. 
  • Each ballpark has unique traditions that keep the fans engaged between innings.
  • The food is inexpensive (relative to other sporting events) and delicious.

Baseball games are more laid-back and inclusive than other sports overall. They might last longer than football or basketball games, but that gives you more time to spend with your lover.

4. Concert

Bonding over live music isn’t just one of the best outdoor date ideas – it’s one of the best date ideas in general. Seeing a beloved band or musician by yourself is memorable enough, but the experience becomes much more special with your SO by your side. Get tickets to see an artist you both like and make those lasting memories!

5. Picnic

A list of outdoor date ideas would not be complete without the traditional picnic. Pack a basket with tasty finger foods, utensils and a clean blanket. If you want to bring alcohol, pack a few subtle drinking containers that won’t make your public drinking obvious. Visit a local park and settle down in a comfortable shaded area. Enjoy the food and beverages, watch the surrounding activity and have some laughs!

6. Wine Tasting

Speaking of alcohol, a wine tasting session makes a fantastic outdoor date for couples who recently started their relationships. You both can sip on tasty wines in a rustic setting, loosen up a little bit and learn more about each other. Just make sure you organize the date so you can impress your SO with a classy surprise.

7. Mini-Golf

Mini-golf is a competitive but harmless activity – two ingredients for a successful date. You and your date can play a fun game and test each other’s competitive edge, but it’s just mini-golf at the end of the day. Settings like these are perfect for flirtatious banter. The more fun you have with your SO, the more cohesive the relationship will be.

8. Boat Ride

If you’re looking for a real challenge, rent a canoe or some kayaks and take your date out on the water. This outdoor activity will give you a new perspective on nature, test your communication skills and bring you closer together. However, we only recommend this date idea for solid relationships. Seriously. Things can get testy on the water, and we don’t want you to ruin your chances with a new love interest.

9. Food Truck Crawl

Every metropolitan area has a strong food truck presence. Go food truck hopping with your SO and experience all the unique cuisine your city has to offer. You’ll simultaneously support local businesses and expand your food pallet for future meals. Pick up some recipes to try at home with your spouse later on to make the date a lasting memory.

10. Farmer’s Market

A farmer’s market is a perfect shopping place for an outdoor date. You can pick up all the groceries you need from smaller vendors, learn more about your city and make friends with other locals. You might even make it a weekly tradition. Grocery stores don’t have the best selections right now anyway.

Make Your Next Outdoor Date Memorable

You can do better than the usual “dinner and a movie” date night. Try one of these outdoor date ideas to impress your SO and develop a closer relationship. You can bond over nature, food, sports or simply each other’s company. Whatever you do, make it outdoors and enjoy the nice weather!

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