The 10 Best Hikes in Pennsylvania


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Spring is right around the corner. In Pennsylvania, that means it’s the perfect time for a hike. Whether you like to stay local or travel far away, there’s an adventure for everyone. Dust off your boots, pull out your pack and take a look at these magnificent trails that make up the 10 best hikes in Pennsylvania.

1. The Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail is one of the most iconic routes on the East Coast. It’s more than 2,000 miles long and extends from Maine to Georgia. In Pennsylvania, you can hike nearly 230 miles of it. Start your hike in Chambersburg and end it just above Harrisburg – or vice versa. You’ll discover a variety of terrains that vary in difficulty, so both beginners and experts are welcome. 

2. The Laurel Highlands Trail

Located in southwestern Pennsylvania, the Laurel Highlands Trail spans 70 miles. You can find entrances between Ohiopyle State Park and Johnstown. Check out the beautiful sights of canyons and rivers as you hike, and as a bonus, this trail is a major part of the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail. After you’ve finished, be sure to hit the Fallingwater Loop Trail, which surrounds Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous home.

3. The Fall Brook Trail

Salt Springs State Park in Susquehanna County offers the Fall Brook Trail. At only a mile long, this trail is an excellent option for those who don’t want to commit to a more strenuous hike. On your journey, you’ll get up close and personal with three waterfalls.

4. The Standing Stone Trail

Central Pennsylvania boasts the Standing Stone Trail where hikers can explore several valleys as they walk the 84-mile expanse. In Mount Union, you can climb the Thousand Steps path – a series of stone steps built into the mountainside. The Standing Stone Trail is a section of the Great Eastern Trail, which starts in Alaska and ends in New York.

5. The Great Allegheny Passage

This route is a favorite amongst cyclists around the country, beginning in Pittsburgh and concluding in Washington, D.C. While many choose to ride their bikes on this 335-mile trail, hikers are more than welcome.

6. The Falls Trail

The Falls Trail is one of the most impressive in the state. Located in northeastern Pennsylvania at Ricketts Glen State Park, it challenges hikers in the best way possible. You can see over 20 waterfalls in the span of seven miles – which makes for an incredibly special trip.

7. The Nottingham Serpentine Barrens

Are you after a glimpse of unique landscapes and wildlife? If so, the Nottingham Serpentine Barrens offers rare serpentine grassland fields and animals that you can’t find anywhere else. Located in southeastern Pennsylvania, the 650-acre park provides a few different trails that are all easy to navigate.

8. Presque Isle State Park

If you find yourself in Erie for the day, be sure to check out Presque Isle State Park. The trails encompass 10 miles of this national natural landmark where you can walk alongside one of the Great Lakes and see different birds in their natural habitats.

9. The Flat Rock Trail

Head to central Pennsylvania to hike the Flat Rock Trail in Colonel Denning State Park. Though relatively short, this trail offers rigorous ground that pushes the limits of even the most seasoned adventurers. Nevertheless, the incredible view at the top of Blue Mountain is worth the hard work. 

10. The North Country Trail

In northwestern Pennsylvania, you’ll discover a 175-mile long section of the North Country Trail. Check out the beauty of McConnell’s Mill State Park and Cooks Forest State Park. This path extends from New York to North Dakota, and you’ll find many scenic overlooks and spaces for camping.

Discover The Best Hikes in Pennsylvania

Start your spring off right with one of the 10 best hikes in Pennsylvania. From waterfalls to native wildlife, nature lovers will find everything they could ever dream of. Make a plan to get out and take a hike.

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