8 Best Outdoor Party Games

May 28, 2022


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As the weather gets nicer, you may host more outdoor gatherings on your deck. This is a fun way to bond with family and friends. Adding entertainment is also essential for a good event. So, here are eight of the best outdoor party games to consider. 

1. Play a Classic Game of Disc-Tic-Tac-Toe

You’ll need items you can find lying around your home, like a shower curtain, duct tape and frisbees. You can also buy these for an affordable price at your local dollar store. Then lay down the shower curtain and make the grid shape using the painter’s tape. Playing the game is simple; just follow these instructions:

  • Have each player stand behind a designated “throwing line.”
  • Take turns throwing until one player has achieved three in a row with their frisbee. 

2. Try Outdoor Twister

This is one of the fun outdoor party games to test your flexibility. Use different color spray paint to create the circles. Buy contractors marking spray paint that washes off more easily. To add the dots, start with a circle template from card stock. Then trace out the shape using a plate or big pot. You can also use string to line up the dots better. 

Twister is a classic game that can bring plenty of laughs and is perfect for all ages. While playing the game, consider having some tunes in the background. Create a party playlist of all your favorite songs the night before. You can even use Apple Music or Spotify for inspiration. 

3. Create an Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses inspire friendly competition and encourage physical activity. You can use items you have lying around, such as pool noodles or chairs. You can design hurdles to jump over and tunnels to crawl through. The fun part is that you can use your imagination to build various courses. 

Plus, you can get your guests involved and let them take turns creating a layout. You can even design a water-themed obstacle to cool off on a hot day. Consider splitting into teams to teach your kids the value of working together. 

4. Set up Giant Jenga 

Jenga is a classic party game that is easy to play. You will need to create the pieces from 2×4 wooden boards. You can cut them yourself or take them to a local lumber yard. Try to find wood without any knots or holes. Make sure to sand them down before getting started. You can paint the ends of the material for visual appeal. 

Consider using earthy colors, like greens and blues. Then you’re ready to start having some fun! Plus, this game involves fewer pieces, making it easy to bring to any outdoor event. 

5. Hop Around in a Silly Sack Race

This is one of the best outdoor party games to keep everyone engaged. Use markers like sticks or cones to designate a start and finish. Then all you need is the burlap sacks and a positive attitude. This game will bring out people’s competitive nature and plenty of laughs. The guests even decorate their bags with felt decorations for fun. 

Consider giving out small prizes to the winners, such as gift cards. Plus, a silly sack race allows your kids to burn off all their energy at the party. So, when you get home, they will crash, and you can have some much-needed alone time. 

6. Compete in a Water Relay 

A water relay is a perfect way to cool off on a warmer day and is a cost-effective activity. All you need are plastic cups, a bucket filled with water and an empty container. Then pock a few small holes in the cup to make the game more challenging. It also is an easy setup, with fewer game parts. 

To play, have guests run back and forth, trying to fill up the empty bucket. The first team to fill their container wins. This is a great way to keep kids entertained and encourages teamwork. 

7. Have Fun With Balloons

Ballon down is an outdoor party game where you test your aim. Use a permanent marker to write point values on the balloons. Then spread them out in the yard, with the lowest-scoring one the closest. Use a weight to anchor the balloons and a piece of tape to designate the throwing line. 

To play, use small footballs to try and hit the balloons. If you strike the target, you get the points labeled on the balloon. The person with the most points at the end wins. 

8. Test Your Skills at Ring Toss

This is a classic outdoor carnival game to bring to your backyard. You can make your own set with cider bottles, paint, and plastic rings. You can paint the bottles in fun colors for a fun party atmosphere. 

If you’re not feeling too crafty, look for pre-made sets on Amazon. Ring toss is a simple game anyone can play. You can change the skill level depending on your guest’s age. The older they are, the further you can place the bottles. 

Popular Outdoor Party Games

Spending time with family and friends can make you happier! As summer approaches, it’s time to start having outdoor gatherings. So, consider some of these outdoor party games for your next celebration. 

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