15 Simple Ways to Instantly Improve the Interior of Your Car

15 Simple Ways to Instantly Improve the Interior of Your Car - Temporary

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Are you looking for easy ways to improve the interior of your car? Look no further! Use these fifteen simple, inexpensive tricks to instantly give your car’s interior a boost.

1. Use a Trunk Organizer

While you and your passengers won’t use a trunk organizer most of the time, in the moments that you need to fill up your trunk, this tool will prove to be a worthwhile investment.

If you struggle to keep your cargo organized, a trunk organizer will separate your trunk space into different blocks, allowing for easy packing and unpacking. 

2. Install Heavy Duty Floormats

Are you tired of staining your car’s interior with dirt and mud? Install some heavy-duty rubber floor mats and clean your car’s carpet and interior.

Once the mats have gathered a healthy amount of debris, just remove them. Then, spray them down with water and put them back in place. Most floormat brands have a universal fit, so you can use them in any kind of vehicle.

3. Add Bluetooth

Most vehicles made since 2004 have Bluetooth or an auxiliary cord jack automatically installed. But if you drive an older vehicle, there are other ways to stream your own music with Bluetooth. 

You can use an independent kit that doesn’t connect to your car’s speaker, or plug a small adapter into a USB charging port. The radio can get painfully stale and repetitive. Bluetooth might prove to be a massive game-changer for your driving experience.

4. Upgrade Your Speakers

If your stock speakers just aren’t cutting it, consider making an upgrade. You can buy an inexpensive set of speakers from JBL or Pioneer and immediately improve your car’s sound quality, including the all-important bass. Quality speakers paired with Bluetooth make for the ultimate listening experience in a vehicle.

5. Repaint Your Car’s Interior Trim

If you’ve noticed that your car’s coloring on the dashboard and control panel has begun to fade, a simple repainting can bring your interior back to life. Painting cars is usually an expensive and time-consuming process, but the project becomes much simpler if you can paint your desired parts without removing them. 

All you need is some car trim paint and a steady hand to restore your car’s faded interior or add a brand new color. 

6. Buy a Dashboard Camera

A high-tech dashboard camera will undoubtedly make your the interior of your car look cooler, but it also serves a practical purpose that could get you out of a serious bind.

In the event you get into a car accident, the camera will protect you from fraudulent insurance claims and provide concrete evidence for investigations. If you live in a high-traffic area, this tool can help you prove your innocence one day.

7. Make Driving Safer with a Phone Mount

Perhaps the most universally-experienced hassle people face is losing their phone and other items between car seats. A phone mount leaves this problem behind and allows you to use your phone more safely behind the wheel.

When your phone is easily accessible, you can change music, use the GPS and call friends without using both of your hands. Just slap it on your dashboard or control panel and you’re ready to go. 

8. Add a Steering Wheel Cover

The device you use to control your car should be both functional and stylish. Steering wheel covers have a comfortable grip and customizable designs, so you can make your cover fit your car’s color scheme. 

Covers also serve a practical purpose, along with their design. Leather wheels can deteriorate and peel off after heavy usage. If that happens to you, just slap a custom cover over the damages, and you’ll get the feeling of a brand new steering wheel again.

9. Get New Seat Covers

If the condition of your car seats is becoming an issue or you just want a new look, get new seat covers to spruce up your interior. Some covers provide more cushioning, others are pet-friendly and you can choose from a wide array of colors or make your own customizations.

Seat covers are inexpensive and easy to clean/install – just slap them overtop the old seats and enjoy!

10. Customize Your Seatbelts

Seatbelts serve such an important function that we often don’t pay attention to their visual appeal, but a well-designed set of seatbelts really pop inside an otherwise unmodified car.

Look for seatbelts that clash with your vehicle’s interior. For example, installing red or blue seatbelts can drastically change your car’s personality if you have a dark interior. 

11. Install Ambient Lighting

A few well-placed LED light strips can change the entire ambience of your car’s interior. Put them under your dashboard, along the doors and under the seats.

You’ll be able to change the color schemes and patterns with the push of a button. Just make sure the lights don’t interfere with your vision while driving.

12. Get Racing Pedals

Stock pedals are often made of cheap materials that wear down over time. Racing pedals, on the other hand, are made of sleek brushed metal that stays the same. If you recently bought a luxury sports car you can even add custom pedals with the brand’s logo on them.

Swapping them out is easy, as you only need to change the pedals. The rest of the drivetrain system remains intact.

13. Attach a Middle Console Cover

The middle console can be a nuisance sometimes, especially if it doesn’t provide sufficient cushioning. If your car has this problem, a console cover is an easy solution.

It will make your vehicle’s cabin more comfortable and provide another chance to introduce more color. This mod might not be obvious to all of your passengers, but other car enthusiasts will appreciate the attention to detail.

14. Add Door Accents

Other car enthusiasts will also notice door accents, which can add some major bling to your otherwise bland car doors. A few hints of gold and silver can make your car’s interior look like it belongs in a luxury vehicle. These rare colors are more powerful in small doses, so be careful not to go overboard with the accents.

15. Rearview Mirror Upgrade

We round off our list with one of the most underrated interior car mods, the rearview mirror. You might think your current mirror is sufficient, but many stock mirrors offer a limited range of view.

A bigger mirror will improve your vision and make navigating traffic much easier. It will also make your vehicle look more futuristic, as a bonus.

Improve Your Car’s Interior Today

Some of the above tips and tricks only require you to install one simple accessory: a steering wheel cover, Bluetooth adapter, phone mount, etc.

You can find these items at most tech or automotive stores, so you have an opportunity to improve your car’s interior as early as today!

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