Road Trip Tech: 5 Gadgets to Make Your Next Trip More Fun

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Road trips can be fun, whether you like to adventure alone or have others in the car with you. The destination is what you’re looking forward to, but it can take many hours driving on empty highways to get there. A great way to pass the time is to take advantage of new road trip tech.

Here are five pieces of tech to make your next road trip more fun.

1. FM Transmitter

If you enjoy listening to music, there are multiple ways to do so while driving. Some cars have built-in Bluetooth capability, but consider getting an FM transmitter if you drive an older vehicle. These devices typically plug into the charging port in the car, but they can connect wirelessly to your phone or plug in with a cable.

When you power up the transmitter, set the radio frequency — preferably one you know doesn’t operate in the area — and turn your car’s radio to the same station. Once you connect your phone, the transmitter will play any audio coming from it. Using a transmitter on a road trip is a great way to listen to your favorite music or catch up on your favorite podcasts.

2. Mobile Router

Your phones and devices need a strong connection while you’re on the road. Sometimes, you might enter dead zones or areas where you can’t get any signal, which can get dangerous if you break down or need to message someone for help. A device like a mobile router or hotspot will mitigate this problem.

Mobile hotspots give you Wi-Fi while you’re on the road, whether in a car or anywhere else. These routers come in handy for emergencies and entertainment purposes — you can stream shows and movies on your mobile device without worrying about a memory shortage. Hotspots also come in handy for finding locations on the fly, such as a restaurant.

3. GPS Apps

Thanks to technological advances, society has evolved past the need for large paper maps that cover up half the windshield. If you have a smartphone, you probably already have a Global Positioning System (GPS) app. Those apps are effective because they’ll do the legwork for you and give you the best route to take. They’ll even redirect you if there’s a car accident or other delays.

Once you reach your destination, you’ll need to know how to get around the area. You can download apps to guide you around the city — a very helpful tip if you’re in a foreign country or a place you’ve yet to visit. These apps will help with navigation and finding the best restaurants and attractions in the area.

4. Portable TV

Even though you’ve left your house, you can still catch your favorite shows and movies while on the go. If you have a subscription to a satellite service, you can use that to log in. You’ll also need a satellite antenna and a power source to hook up the TV.

You can use it in the car, at the beach or wherever you can pick up a satellite feed. Who says you have to miss a big game while you’re on vacation? 

5. E-reader

If you or someone else in the group is a bookworm, e-readers have become an efficient option for reading full-length novels on the go. Instead of carrying a bag with multiple heavy books, you can have one device that holds tens upon hundreds of books depending on its storage size.

Some e-readers with more advanced features can connect to the internet and download more books and games on the go. You can also try audiobooks if you’re driving and still want to read your favorite novel.

Amp Up Your Next Road Trip

Your road trip may comprise three hours of driving or you could be on the road for an entire day. Along the way, you might get bored and want some entertainment.

You can make any long-distance traveling more enjoyable with these tech gadgets. Check out a few — or try them all — to banish boredom and make your next road trip full of fun for you and whoever else is taking the journey.

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